I lost a friend today…

How many people can you count on, I mean really depend on, to be a friend to you when you need them?

The Bible tells me there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother…that would be Jesus. But flesh and blood friends that stick when things aren’t great or something changes in your life that makes them uncomfortable, are few and far between.

I lost one of those dear friends today. She’s been my friend for a lot of years, almost seventeen, and in that time I have had different people come and go from my life, new babies have been born into our family, we have started a new church which has proved to be very controversial for all my other friends…friends who said they would follow me anywhere but have dropped off and are nowhere to be seen, but she didn’t care and really would follow me to the moon if I went there. There have been times I was angry with her, but she didn’t go away…I’ve told her not to follow me, but she did anyway. When I was happy, loud, or sad and quiet she had a way of just looking at me with compassion and I knew that she understood exactly what I was going through even if I couldn’t say it in words. 

When my dad died, she was very sad, she had loved him very much…and then when eighteen months later mother followed him in death, she was actually a little lost, but she stayed close, and I felt her love…

Today it was her turn and what she would not do in life, leave my side, she has done by dying.

I have cried all the tears I can cry; I will miss her more than I could say if I wrote ten thousand words more…but I am happy that she is not in pain, not limping or crying, not lonely because I leave, no more separation anxiety… her brown eyes are closed in peace.

Ruby walked across the Rainbow Bridge today and we will miss her.

9 Replies to “I lost a friend today…”

  1. Ruby!

    Harolene, I’m so sorry… she’s part of your family! Sometime I must tell you about “animals in Heaven” …

    Love and blessings… Phil

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    1. She was so connected to both of my parents that it’s like losing them again in a way. You are completely right, so much love and joy. 😇

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  2. Oh mama! I cant imagine losing either of our pups. I’m so sorry. I know its hard but she is being well cared for. I am a firm believer that animals also have souls and go to heaven when they pass. So if im correct in that your mama and daddy are taking very good care of her. Love you always, betsy

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