What is special about this week-end?

Today is Wednesday, May 4th, 2022. 

I am inundated with emotions at this moment. I sat down and looked outside at the trees, leaves full and so very green, fresh, and clean from the rain we had overnight. The air has a fresh smell, and it is making me want to disappear into the past, another time…when everything was new, full of excitement for what the future held and hope… for what…I couldn’t actually say, just hope for hope’s sake, I guess.

But mainly the thoughts that are upper most in this muddled gray matter, is the fact that Sunday will be the 8th … Mother’s Day and the anniversary of the day my dad made his transition from this world to his eternal reward in the heavenlies.

The year my parents started the little Chapel that grew into a large church, the first service was held on Tuesday, May 8, and the first Sunday was May 13th, which was Mother’s Day in 1962.

The day he died was a Wednesday and he had his lesson planned that he would have taught that night at church, he didn’t make that appointment…God had other plans for him. He died at the time we would normally be getting ready to go to church… all of that is a wonderful story in itself, but I won’t re-tell it here…it is recounted in a blog called, “My dad’s glorious day” and if you want to have a glimpse of heaven look it up and read it. I will never be afraid of death again.

The fact that he died on the anniversary of one of the happiest days of his and mother’s life, being able to start a work from which they would never have to move, made it even sweeter knowing he was having another happy day seeing the Savior who had called him from the ocean when he was 17 years old.

To say that we would honor my mother on Mother’s Day is to say we would honor them both because they were truly one… the twain became one in the truest fashion when they took their vows. She was a tower of strength for us all and for daddy… the shoulder on which he could lean…theirs was the love story of the ages.

For today I will get ready to go to the church I am currently serving in and serve on a panel that discusses the Bible in a family fashion on-line and on YouTube and know that if I continue to serve the same Lord they both spent their lives working for, I will see them again…in a place where the leaves are always freshly green and the flowers bloom without giving me an allergic reaction…

Happy anniversary in Heaven daddy and Happy Mother’s Day mother… I hope to see you soon ❤ 

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