This is an invitation to just Shut Up!

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Did you set your alarm clock to wake you at a certain time this morning?

Did you decide what to have/or not have for breakfast?

Will you decide which chore to take on first at work? Whether you will go out to lunch and where you will go, or maybe you will choose to stay in and eat at your desk?

Did you choose to whom you would propose marriage/ or accept the proposal, on your own?

Simple choices that people make every day.

Did you see anywhere on that list, “Well, first I prayed and asked God what I should do?” 

No, I didn’t see that there either. All those choices were made by you, the boss and owner of your own particular thoughts, am I right….well, AM I???

So why is it that when something goes wrong in your life you immediately ask, “Why did God let this happen?” or “If there was a God this wouldn’t have happened!” ???

How is it God’s responsibility that we have war, hunger, mass shootings? Did God tell anyone to buy a gun and go to a school or post office or shopping mall and open fire?

NO, the answer to that is NO        So how is it His fault?

God made man and woman and gave them a gift, no, not just the gift of breath in their lungs, or a beautiful garden in which to live… He put within that garden something that gave them a reason to CHOOSE whether they would live or die, whether to obey or disobey and it was up to them. Did He tell the serpent to go and tempt Eve with taking the fruit, and come on people, where does it say in the Bible that the fruit was an apple? It could have been a mango, my personal favorite! No, He didn’t tell the serpent to do it, however He allowed it to happen, why? To see what His creations, Adam, and Eve, would do? They had a choice and that choice affected human history as we know it. 

Did he tell Cain to kill his brother Abel? No, but he was angry and jealous (two other emotions that humans have) and he chose to kill his brother…again affecting all of human history.

God covered the humans after they didn’t show up for their evening walk in the Garden because they were ashamed of their nakedness…he killed an animal for its hide and made clothes for them so that they would not be embarrassed.

If Adam and Eve had taken the time to stop and ask God, the friend that created them and came for an evening walk to catch up on the day’s activities, whether they should eat the fruit before they did, He could have advised them, but they chose their own course of actions. 

So where in the news article you read, or the news special report you heard say, “After asking God, No Name bought the rapid-fire machine gun and shot up the entire mall, killing five people!” So, God must be at fault because he should have told them NO, emphatically!

So quit already with the blaming God for all the world’s ills. It generally comes down to a power or money struggle, the greed for territory or oil and no one is praying and then starting war, creating all kinds of horror, if they did the headlines could read, “God did it!” Until that happens I would like to shut the mouths of all that decide to blame the God that I ask about everything, before I do it, and He has kept me from many bad and dangerous situations and troublesome relationships, thank you God, my friend!

One Reply to “This is an invitation to just Shut Up!”

  1. Fig.

    Just sayin’.

    Oh… and Adam and Eve did have belly buttons too.

    Also… not blaming God.

    Btw, on a more serious AND related note… did you hear of the TREE of LIFE sculpture made out of decommissioned assault rifles after the civil war in Mozambique?

    I never saw it, but I heard of it. Sounds appropriate.

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