It’s 2023 Eve!! I pray it’s a very happy one!

New Year’s Ever 2022… wow… where has my life gone?

I got in my car to take food to my elderly aunt, my recording of Auld Lang Syne, Manheim Steamroller version started… and the tears started rolling, no stopping them, I didn’t even try.

Since I was a young teen, every New Year’s Eve was spent with my mother and hearing the re-telling of the New Year’s Eve that she was preparing for her wedding, which took place at the North Cleveland Church of God in Cleveland, Tennessee at Midnight. She would give me step by step everything she did that day…and the final one, the year she passed in 2014, Christmas Day…But if she had lived until that New Year’s Eve she wouldn’t be able to do that…she didn’t remember it was her anniversary, she didn’t remember daddy, she didn’t remember me…her Christmas baby. 

Before daddy died, they celebrated their last anniversary of 73 years, and they were in love and showed it for every one of those years that I remembered. 

It gave me hope for myself…

This year my children are all doing their own thing…some in Disney World, some gone to eat, some at home with their tots…

and me???

I am writing this blog with a nervous little Pekinese/Poodle trembling because of the early fireworks sitting by my leg.

Remember this in the year to come, God is good, Jesus is coming soon, so get ready for Him, take care of yourself and the ones that you love every day as if it were the last…

The Lord is my Shepherd, and I shall not want, He makes me to lie down in green pastures and leads me beside the still waters… He restores my soul… that goes for you too! 

Happy New Year 2023

2 Replies to “It’s 2023 Eve!! I pray it’s a very happy one!”

  1. Thank you dear friend…

    Jill and I have spent many years overseas in Southeast Asia… and our Thanksgiving and Christmas days were always “over there.”

    Consequently, our 3 kids developed their own traditions with in-laws, whatever..l and love that time of year…

    So Covid hits and we’re back home. You know what? We really enjoy the peace and quiet! No TV, no surprises, just… quiet, Reading and conversation, studying, researching… preparing for Sunday ministry every week… and the study is yielding amazing discoveries… nuggets of wonderful truth we can enjoy and share…

    … phone calls … weekly Zoom sessions with pastors in Myanmar… helping equipand encourage them …

    And we’re content.

    Thank you for sharing. You’re in my prayers… thank you for our friendship. Your love. You’re precious. Blessings dear one…


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