You Said WHAT?

ImageHave you ever done anything so thoroughly stupid, in your youth that you still shudder and want to hide when it crosses your mind? Every time politicians start their endless campaigns, I remember one such Faux pas. When I was fifteen, my dad was the pastor of a very large church. It was election time and, of course, the politicians all wanted to come on a Sunday morning and speak to the congregation. I knew they were only coming to solicit votes and it disgusted me. I felt they were hypocrites trying to seem religious so the good people of the church would trust them and give them their cherished vote! During this time, the incumbent Sheriff came to speak and after the service there was a reception so people could shake hands and meet him. He was greeting everyone, shiny teeth on display, when he got to me and held out his hand, I looked into his face and said, “You don’t have to be nice to me, I’m not old enough to vote!” OMG My parents were mortified and soon, so was I. On another occasion (same period of time), I had such a crush on one of the basketball players at the high school I attended. He walked by my locker at a certain time every day and he would always smile and speak to me, be still my heart! Another one of the guys told me that if I wanted “####” to notice me, next time he came by I should say one thing to him, it was only a name and I, stupidly, thought this guy was trying to help me out, Long story short, I did it. If I live to be one hundred I will never forget the way he turned and looked at me, it was as if someone had slapped him across the face. I wanted to stuff myself in my locker and suffocate. He never spoke to me again, and I was never able to explain to him why I had done it. Lesson learned. Those were childish things, but we do tend to get ourselves in over our head and need help the way David did when he prayed Psalm 30:  I give you all the credit, God—you got me out of that mess, you didn’t let my foes gloat. God, my God, I yelled for help and you put me together. God, you pulled me out of the grave, gave me another chance at life when I was down and out. All you saints! Sing your hearts out to God! Thank him to his face! He gets angry once in a while, but across a lifetime there is only love. The nights of crying your eyes out give way to days of laughter. When things were going great I crowed, “I’ve got it made. I’m God’s favorite. He made me king of the mountain.” Then you looked the other way and I fell to pieces. I called out to you, God; I laid my case before you: “Can you sell me for a profit when I’m dead? Auction me off at a cemetery yard sale? When I’m ‘dust to dust’ my songs and stories of you won’t sell. So listen! And be kind! Help me out of this!” You did it: you changed wild lament into whirling dance; You ripped off my black mourning band and decked me with wildflowers. I’m about to burst with song; I can’t keep quiet about you. God, my God, I can’t thank you enough. I have certainly done things I wish I hadn’t done, said things that were better left un-said, but God is faithful. When I was two I stuck my foot into a concrete block, wearing a high top, laced shoe and my foot was stuck tight, no way to get it out. My dad was working at the church and in the “olden days” there were no cell phones and there was no church office with a phone in it so she had to get someone to go and get him while she sat and held me straight until he got there. When he came he took a big hammer and in about two swings of it broke that block off my foot, I was so happy! God does that for us; He frees us of our entrapments if we just ask Him!  Proverbs 25: 11-12 The right word at the right time is like a custom-made piece of jewelry, and a wise friend’s timely reprimand is like a gold ring slipped on your finger.  You can’t reclaim words after they have been spoken into the air, so think before you speak. If you have made a foolish mistake, best thing to do is ask forgiveness, if it is possible, if it isn’t, then go forward, start over, make sure it doesn’t happen again! You are BLESSED!

2 Replies to “You Said WHAT?”

  1. Harolene Mushegan…once again you just proved to me why I love you soooooooo stinkin much! Your blog postings are DA BOMB girl! In a good kind of way I mean!!!! 🙂 I can get so tickled at your up front and honest heart that it’s medicine to my own heart…I loved this one. Boy, could I ever relate. Have I ever made one or two or three or four Faux Pas of my own….Makes me want to dig a hole and climb in every time! Haha! You’re THE BEST!!!


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