My fruit salad thoughts..

IMG_2743Awww my friends, it was so good to hear from so many of you! I must say, “My cup runneth over” with happiness because of all my friends! Thank you!

Today I thought about how I used to look forward to going to my grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving and then at Christmas we usually went a day ahead of time so my mother could help with the preparations. Mama always had a wonderful tree, I can close my eyes and smell that wonderful fragrance, the big ornaments and bubble lights, candy canes hanging on the branches. Since it was also my birthday I would be excited about getting a year older, now don’t get me wrong here I’m not pining to be a year older but that is a side effect of living another year, right?

All that looking back is a sweet thing to do but really it’s a little bit selfish isn’t it? I am not only a mother I’m a grandmother and those two young people mean everything to me and they are looking to me to be “little mama” and cook up special dinners and make wonderful decorations so that when they get older they have something to look back on as sweet and wonderful! It is another one of those cycles I have talked about; didn’t Elton John write a song about that called the “Circle of Life”? All living things have a moment that they become “alive” and from that moment the circle starts and we are everyone a part of it!

Enough about that, it’s time to be thankful

I am glad that God loves me and I am very happy and grateful for Lamentations 3:21-23 “This I recall to my mind, therefore have I hope. It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.” I also take advantage of Hebrews 4:16 “Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” In the days in which we live there are many things to fear yet God said “Fear not, I am with you, be not dismayed for I am your God. ” Isaiah 41:10

I am grateful for you, the faithful reader. You give me purpose and a daily goal of reaching out and helping in whatever small way I can from my kitchen table via a devotional blog on my computer! Hearing from you absolutely makes my day, especially when you share with me how what I said has helped you… there is no feeling like that, knowing God has spoken through me and that you have been helped or blessed in some way. When you ask me to pray I do not take it lightly or pass it off, I pray for you and I ask God to give me something relevant for every day that I post so that your time is not wasted by clicking on my website!

My only complaint is that I wish I knew who you all were! I would love to hear from every single one of you at least once, to know where you are reading from, what your problems are, what you would like to see discussed here!

I’ve been so excited for Christmas to come but Thanksgiving is coming on the 28th so let’s prepare, decorate, cook and I pray that we all have the very most blessed Thanksgiving we ever had, that we will make the most wonderful, warm memories and that when you lay your head on your pillow on that Thursday night, you will be satisfied that everything you did, whether you are the cook or the guy on the couch watching football, turned out just right!

6 Replies to “My fruit salad thoughts..”

  1. Good Morning as you have already told us you were going to go cover up with your soft blanket for the evening.
    I am blessed to have lived in an era where family was important & close at hand. We never had TV till I was 16 yrs old.Didn’t know what it was so I never missed it. What it meant was the family spent time togther. We had close church families that shared time with us. Your Uncle Nap & Dorothy & their children were always visitors to our house. I remember the fun we had around the table with a good meal or just desserts. Then the time sitting on the floor in the living room listening to them tell family stories We were a different family from most as we had to move from Ohio to Ariz for health reasons. Yet in spite of that we always managed to return to Ohio at least once a year. There was the same type of living with family always part of every day. I think today’s kids are missing out & will miss out more as they get older because of so much divorce in families. We had a lot of widows with kids in the church because of war, sickness or accidents. But today almost half the families in are single parent families. I have been both divorced & widowed so I have some personal insight to the issue. Any none of it is good because it destroys so much family closest & history.My kids do not have the memories that I do of my youth. They have good ones but a lot of them are split ones. I pray for all families that they work at staying together for more reasons than just the kids. God bless you. destroyed .


    1. I was 10 before daddy bought a little 12in screen Bendix TV in a wooden cabinet because we lived on a gravel parking lot in a 16′ trailer beside the Missionary Ridge Church. Do you remember seeing it? We were able to move into a house in early 55 right before my sister was born. Times they are a changing someone once said!😄


      1. Yes it was! Daddy rigged up a shower in the basement of the church and used that bathroom too so he made it work! Good memories 😄❤️


  2. You really have become a friend through your blog and emails, a friend who genuinely loves God and people. I look forward every day to your post that you are so faithful to write. Your cyber friendship means more than you could know to me in my daily life. And when you say, Dear reader, I feel the love you have for people. I’ve prayed you would be filled with peace and joy this blessed season, Dear Writer.


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