You need help? Have you asked God?

IMG_1152Writing this at the end of the day Monday December 3, Cyber Monday. Suddenly I felt the need “to eat something salty”, which means that with all the spending and fluff and entertainment I needed to make a statement, fun girl that I usually am! Love me anyway?

War and rumors of war, men wanting power, at any price, people who would sell out their own blood for the bittersweet taste of being able to wield their tongue like a sword, so swiftly that a person doesn’t realize they have been decapitated until they shake their head, is this what we have come to be?

It is happening all around us and we are so busy watching reality TV and listening to lying politicians, hoping for a miracle, that we don’t notice the poison creeping in to smother out the truth and make us a nation of slaves. Who are you going to serve? If not God… someone, who is it?

There are people getting away with murder while others are imprisoned for theft of money. We are made to feel like receiving money from a fund, that we have all fed with every paycheck we have ever received, is taking charity and wanting to take that away and give it to people who have never contributed anything at all to our society.

In the days when the Bible was penned, by inspiration of the Holy Spirit to the Prophets, it is written 1 Timothy 5:8 “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.” An infidel is an unbeliever.

I believe in helping people, I give to my church and I give to charities, but we are instructed in that same chapter to care for our own relatives, our own widows and orphans, our old that cannot take care of themselves, and that I try to do, therefore I feel I can speak to what I am feeling in my heart right now. When we don’t care for our own citizens and try to take in the world, we are doing the wrong thing. When we jeopardize our own economy to prove to the world that we are good socialists, then that is wrong. When we take away the incentive to earn money so that we can provide nice things for our family, when the most part of what we earn is taken for taxes on things we don’t believe in, then that is wrong.

When I was a girl we lived on the charity of church people until I was sick of it. My dad worked hard, physically built churches, cleaned yards and bathrooms, along with my mother and myself, and then to hear some church member say “their dad had to work for a living”, would make my young stomach churn with the desire to spit, or hit, or say something awful back to them, but knowing the dire consequences of that would cost my backside dearly in stripes from the razor strap. To have someone ask me where I lived and have my answer of “the house on the hill” interrupted by one of the congregants children informing them that we lived in a house that did not belong to us, but to the church, was all the humiliation I could take. When these same children’s parents had a problem or sickness they expected my dad to be there instantly to aid and comfort and pray, with what gratitude? Making us to feel as if the salary he received at their hands was charity? This is wrong. God, not man, was our source.

I have not made many statements about leadership in our country, but I am about fed up with leadership that doesn’t want us to remember that we are a country formed with our leaders calling on God to help us. To stand with a brotherhood that would as soon see you bleed and die in the street than to give you help.

I compare our country to churches that have risen to power and imploded because of power struggles. Let us wake and pray. We must get rid of the Hollywood mentality of what leadership is and pray for God to keep us from being a goat nation, to become like the third world countries with our children begging bread in the streets. Is that going to happen?

We must honor God and we must stand with Israel. God help us is my prayer tonight. I have voiced my opinion, and it is my belief.

I stand, as my Armenian ancestors did, saying Jesus is part of my flesh and my bone, I stand for Him. Exodus 14:14 “The Lord shall fight for you, you shall hold your peace.”

4 Replies to “You need help? Have you asked God?”

  1. This was so true and everyone should see this post…….it is very important.


  2. As Uncle Lear would say, “We have the leaders we fools elected!” I fear we give up too much of our own power because we prefer to buy the easy path (politically or economically) rather than build the better path (led by God’s spirit and followed though by our efforts).


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