I’m the Greatest Star !

IMG_1680I thought of something while ago that struck me funny, nice when you can make yourself laugh. I was looking for a show I like to watch “Bones” and couldn’t find it, so my granddaughter had DVR’d a show that she likes and that I have made a habit of watching with her. That particular show, Pretty Little Liars, actually shows on Tuesday nights but we always save it to watch together on Friday night, don’t ask I’m not sure. When we had finished watching it I flipped the channel and guess what, did you guess? I saw my show Bones was playing and I had missed the whole first half! I was annoyed because all the gory stuff is in the first half, are you shocked at me yet? That’s when I thought about the fact that when I was a little girl we didn’t have a TV and none of the rest of our extended family did either so when we had a visit with any of them we did different things such as talk or, are you ready for it…games! My dad’s brother and his wife, who lived very close to us for many years, would make grids on sheets of paper to play Battleship! There was always a lot of laughter and more talk, meanwhile my boy cousins and I would play in the yard or I would have “deep” conversations with my cousin who was a little older and I deemed to be wise above his years. Now I really began to think about all the programs we watch that are “reality” TV. We watch people cook, sew, survive by competing in terrifically hard challenges for food and shelter. There is even a show where two people are put way out into the wild totally necked and I do mean nothing to cover limbs or extremities and they find ways to make a fire, catch food, weave leaves together to cover their private parts and try to avoid getting snake bit! How long do you think anyone would watch you if you had a reality show? I don’t think anyone would want to see me stand at the sink and wash dishes, cook, wash more dishes, give my mother her meds and then sink into my recliner for someone else to entertain me by doing exercises to lose weight and getting weighed on National TV, watching the 600 pound woman get an intestinal by-pass and run from Gordon Ramsey as he screams at them and tells them what a donkey they are! I wonder if I would be more active in the evenings if I had an imaginary audience watching everything I did? I have noticed that anytime there are groups of people sitting to eat that everyone has a phone in their hand and no one is talking. You may see a smile or a grimace from some status they just read or a conversation they are having, I even know a couple of people who carry on text conversations with more than three boys at one time! What has technology done to us all? Are we losing conversational skills and not able to write a sentence that isn’t abbreviated? If you get a text from me every word is fully spelled out, just an idiosyncrasy of mine. We all need a time to chill and I am not going to try to get everyone in the house to give up their favorite TV shows, I don’t want to give up mine…I have to know who will finally win on Top Chef, but I am thinking that we need to make an effort to communicate with the folks in your house. I remember that a few days before my dad died I went in their room to take something and started back out. Daddy said “sit down and talk with me for a minute”, “I have some things I need to do daddy”, and he looked up at me and said “You’re going to miss me when I’m gone”. I laughed it off with “Oh daddy, you are not going to die, you will be here when the rest of us are gone!” I left the room and felt the tug in my spirit that he was telling the truth, but going back would admit I thought he was going to die and at the time I would rather deny it… am I sorry I didn’t go back and have that conversation? Yes I am. Hebrews 12:1 tells us there is a cloud of Witnesses watching everything we do; they are cheering us on so actually we do have an audience watching our reality, not on TV but in our daily life.

4 Replies to “I’m the Greatest Star !”

  1. I think I understand what you are saying but I am not sure exactly how to comment without confusing the issue. I think we are going down a path to less personal face to face communication. This I feel is driving a wedge between as friends & family. Christmas Eve I was with my daughter, 2 grand daughters & the one’s husband. Before we started ordering food they were texting people right & left. I just asked the question can we talk face to face for a change. All cells suddenly went off as they know I would get up & walk out otherwise. I think it is beyond rude. Where we are headed is any one guess. Me, I like to see the twinkle in your eye when we talk. I realize living almost 1900 miles apart prohibits that so I accept FB & emails. lol!
    Have a great day. Have sweet dreams & take good care of yourself..


  2. Sad but so true that we can’t seem to talk to eachother face to face. When you live alone as I (would love to talk) YES Love PB


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