Do prophecies still come to pass?

IMG_2288As I write this on the evening of February 6, today is the my son’s birthday so I thought I would take the opportunity to introduce you to him and give you a little background:  The last time my grandfather Mushegan visited us I was standing at the sink doing dishes, I heard “Pop” come into the kitchen so I turned around to see if he needed something. He looked at me in a way that I knew either he had a Word for me or was going to correct me about something. He began to speak and I was stunned at what he told me. I had one child at the time of this visit my eight-year old daughter Cherita. He told me that I was going to have a son and that he was going to be a great blessing and continued to tell me a lot of things that foretold the wonderful person that he is and more about what he will become in the future. I was so surprised at his words, I had not asked him for prayer, and if I had it wouldn’t have been anything about another child yet he came in with this powerful prophecy that left me surprised and wondering about why he had told me this.  That was in May of 1978 and the next February on the 11th he died and was buried on Valentine’s Day 1979. This proves that just because the Prophet dies it doesn’t mean that his word dies if it truly came from God. A few months went by and my sister Janet was expecting a baby and I was very happy for her and looking forward to the birth of another nephew Nathan, not giving any more thought to the prophecy my grandfather had given to me because when it didn’t happen immediately I just thought it wasn’t going to come to pass so I forgot about it, that is until I woke up queasy one morning and long story short I was with child. I went to my doctor to confirm that I was indeed pregnant and not going through the change of life! As I sat at the desk across from him, he looked up at me and suggested that I have an amniocentesis and explained that I was close to the age that he would suggest this to make sure the child wouldn’t have a birth defect and he also explained that it could cause a spontaneous abortion. I told him about my grandfather’s words to me and ended with, “You will see, this baby will be healthy and it will be a boy!” He looked up at me over his half glasses with the look of a cynic on his face and said, “Well we’d all like to think that, wouldn’t we?” I told him he could take it to the bank, that when my grandfather spoke it came to pass.  Ararat Mushegan Leguizamon was born on February 6, 1981 almost two years to the day of this great-grandfather’s death.
This young man certainly has a great purpose in life and he has worked very hard. Is he smart? You can bet on it… not only did he graduate with two degrees from Georgia Tech but also he went on to enroll in Life University because he decided he would rather have a career as a Chiropractor than as an engineer and graduated after four years as the Valedictorian of the class of 2008.  He has not gotten by on just being smart, he has worked and studied hour upon hour night after night studying and along with that hard study he spent a lot of prayer time on his own and with his grandfather, my dad, Harry Ararat Mushegan! He loves God and he loves his family and his church and his music, but I believe that his main love is seeing his patients gain their health under the care of his own hands, those hands that God has blessed so beautifully. He has a clinic right on the EW Connector at Highlands Ridge Road and I know this, if you go to him you will receive the work of a doctor that graduated first in his class and who is full of the Spirit of God.  AM I PROUD? You bet your aching back I am, Happy Birthday Ara!

6 Replies to “Do prophecies still come to pass?”

  1. Beautiful words for your handsome and beautiful spirit in you son.


  2. I remember when he was born and I, in my Christian infancy, knew God was going to do great things with this little boy!! Now I know the whole truth. Happy Birthday Ara!!


  3. Prophecies do come true if they are spoken by the right living person. There are short term & long term ones spoken. I have had some spoken to me & over me that came to life in a very short time. There are others I am still waiting & believing in to come true. Knowing your families’ history I have no trouble believing they would come true. There is a certain sense of the Spirit when you get around blessed Godly people. Being around your Father & Uncle Nap I always felt that pull. If one recognizes that as the presence of the Holy Spirit in that persons life believing is easy. I have heard some big name ministers made statements that crashed within weeks of being spoken. For me it is who spoke the words? God bless. Would have loved to have met & spent time with your Grandfather. God bless you & have a great day & weekend.
    Happy Birthday to Ara.!


  4. What a great story. I love listening to him play on Sundays. He plays so well and sure can make that gituar sing !!! Thank you for sharing. Happy Belated Birthday ARA !!!


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