On the singing of America the Beautiful!

IMG_NEWDadPopHere is a picture of my father and my grandfather and I have something to say in their behalf…not that my opinion matters to anyone but me… however, as the granddaughter of immigrants and daughter of a first generation American, I would love to hear America the beautiful sung in Armenian, my grandfather would bow and kiss the soil of the country that accepted him before he had learned the English language. The only way it could be sung in the Native American language would be to find one of our Native Americans, you know it was those people we shoved out of their homes and onto reservations, and with that… ttthat’s all folks!

I would like to hear your opinion, please leave a comment so I know what you are thinking and don’t be afraid to speak out!

10 Replies to “On the singing of America the Beautiful!”

  1. Ok Haro, I’m slow! When I first read this moments after you posted, I got busy! Google you tube blah blah.finally I saw and watched the coke advert. So my reply, if properly applicable is as follows. The song should have included Indians( the American ones not the taxi ,7/11, surgeon , and I.T. ones πŸ™‚ ) it’s very appropriate for each organization family etc to sing in the language they want. In this case coca cola … It’s ok for them / us to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony . Grow apple trees and honey bees and S N O W. W H I T E turtle doves. .. That’s awl rite. Y’all cause it’s sang in English. Bonnie. Sue …. To which bubba replies…… Yeeepppppp
    We go to the Vietnamese. For our nails. Mexicans, for our yards , Chinese for quick take out .. But they can’t sing? There are voter ballots printed in many languages in this country… But they can’t sing? Years ago in Atlanta mall the ATM ask me what language I preferred …. MANY popped. Up to select from. This goes back to how the Americans see the rest if the world …. Hey if you want to talk to us…. Learn English. I could write several pages. I may even have missed the boat entirely .hey when my ship came in I may have been at the airport . It’s time to realize … It’s time to be real… God is no more white than he is red yellow and black. It’s time to realized educate ourselves Get out of our covered wagons and realize……. A M E R I C A


  2. WE are AMERICA, one nation under GOD. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.The wretched refuse of you teamming shore.Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door,”~~from THE NEW COLOSSUS by Emma Laszarus. Sing the song in any language.!!!


  3. It makes America even more beautiful to me to hear the different languages that represent the tapestry that is our country!


  4. Re: “… song should have included the Indians …”

    One of the young young ladies sang it in Keres, a Pueblo people dialect. See behind the scenes on Coke’s YouTube channel above.



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