Are you on Trial?

Photo 155We all have trials of our faith, but do you think the trials are good for us? Think back to the young shepherd boy, David. What happened to him before he became the King “after God’s own heart”?

He faced things that “tried” him so that he would be ready for the fight of his life with the Giant!  When he heard Goliath challenging Saul’s army he was ready to volunteer! 1 Samuel 17:33-37 Saul answered David, “You can’t go and fight this Philistine. You’re too young and inexperienced—and he’s been at this fighting business since before you were born.” David said, “I’ve been a shepherd, tending sheep for my father. Whenever a lion or bear came and took a lamb from the flock, I’d go after it, knock it down, and rescue the lamb. If it turned on me, I’d grab it by the throat, wring its neck, and kill it. Lion or bear, it made no difference—I killed it. And I’ll do the same to this Philistine pig who is taunting the troops of God-Alive. GOD, who delivered me from the teeth of the lion and the claws of the bear, will deliver me from this Philistine.”

David had gained strength when he experienced fighting the wild animals and won, he felt that he was ready! The giant was in full armor with an armor-bearing servant running in front of him. David chose to go without armor and his only weapon was his slingshot! He went down to the water’s edge and chose five smooth stones. I’m not sure why he chose five when I think he knew he would only need one! What do you think? How did that stone get there and was it always a smooth stone? I daresay that at one time it was a part of a large boulder that had rolled off the mountain, one of the pieces that broke off from it landing in the rushing water pushing it against other stones and the ground and sand, until it was polished by its rough treatment. That stone was ready to do a job, to fit snugly in the pouch of David’s slingshot and, no doubt, be guided by the hand of an angel into the one unguarded spot on the giant’s whole body, one little place on his forehead! He was hit and fell forward on his face! David took the giants own sword and cut his head from his body and took it to the King!

The preparation he had fighting the bear and the lion gave him the courage he needed to face his giant. Have you got a giant in your life that you are trying to conquer? 1 Peter 1:7 These trials will show that your faith is genuine. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold—though your faith is far more precious than mere gold. So when your faith remains strong through many trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world. 1 Peter 4:12-13 Friends, when life gets really difficult, don’t jump to the conclusion that God isn’t on the job. Instead, be glad that you are in the very thick of what Christ experienced.

This is a spiritual refining process, with glory just around the corner. Malachi 3:3 He’ll be like white-hot fire from the smelter’s furnace. He’ll be like the strongest lye soap at the laundry. He’ll take his place as a refiner of silver, as a cleanser of dirty clothes. He’ll scrub the Levite priests clean, refine them like gold and silver… Your trials only make you strong enough to face your giant. God doesn’t try you to find out who you are, He already knows, He is allowing you to find out for yourself just who you are and what you can do, through Him!

Don’t ever be afraid to have your rough edges smoothed away maybe you are being smoothed to be used to serve!

2 Replies to “Are you on Trial?”

  1. I believe that the Lord placed those stones right at that spot for David to pick up. A smooth stone flies truer & faster than a rough edged one. So many people don’t realize the stone didn’t kill the giant it only knocked him out. David killed him using his own sword when he cut off his head. An act of adding insult to injury, if you will. True David’s life as a shepherd boy trained him for battle. When a man goes into the military he usually has no background in actual combat. So as part of his training he goes through many different stages of actual combat to season him. He learns, he understands, he tames his fears, and he is ready to fight when the time comes. I think as a Christian when we first start out it is to our advantage to learn quickly how to fight the attacks of the enemy. The quicker we learn the better off we will be & of more use to the Lord. As we learn our faith grows & we become braver & more determined. I believe a seasoned Christian is worth his weight in the fight we have with the enemy. He has been there, done that, & knows what to do next without giving it a second thought. In battle a seasoned soldier fights without stopping to think so should a seasoned Christian. I’ll take a seasoned Christian as a prayer partner any day as they have been there & know what to expect.
    Good topic as always. God bless.


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