Need a Mirror?

257844_173151136080521_100001569064996_458172_6964152_oOne night I lay down after I had finished my prayers and put my Dake Bible on my bedside table in plain view. I was afraid because something happened that I will not share at this time but it was awesome, in a bad way. Feeling slightly uneasy I sat up, suddenly standing there beside my bed was a man, and he seemed so real. He was dressed in a black suit with a crisp white shirt that seemed too tight on his neck. I knew it was a representation of Satan himself and my heart was pounding fast, I was feeling scared, I stood and faced this vision. Finally finding my voice I said “In the name of Jesus, you have to go, you have no place in my house.” He didn’t speak or offer any resistance; I passed him going into my living room (realize here that I was not asleep, dreaming, I was awake and walking) and to the front door. I opened it calling on the name of Jesus; he walked past me and out the door but turned and grinned in a mocking way. He spoke, “I’m going, but I will come again.” When I closed that door, whether he had physically been there or if it was a strong vision, I knew he had truly gone. I sat down in a big chair and held my Bible, which I had picked up as I stood up from my bed. I began praying, thanking God for helping me! Suddenly He gave me an answer to a prayer for someone for whom I had been praying and I was so happy! I gave the person that Word next morning without telling them why I was up and praying at three in the morning! That Word came to pass, exactly as He had shown me, I felt it was worth the bad experience to have such a visitation of the Holy Spirit and thought that was the end of the matter. In the flush of getting the wonderful message, an answer to prayer, I let the last words of this emissary of the devil,” I will come back” slip my mind. It wasn’t long before my life, as I knew it fell apart. No details here but it seemed like “all hell broke loose.” It wasn’t until some time later, when I was questioning my very existence, that I remembered that dark warning, and then I understood. I was being tried, to the max, I almost failed that test but praise be to God, I came through it, not un-scarred, but in one piece. I recounted this because I was thinking of the disciples who, you would think, knew Jesus so well that they would never fail Him.

At the “Last Supper” Jesus warned them that someone was going to betray Him. Being very distressed over this news, they questioned, “Lord, is it I?” Soon they seemed to have forgotten the matter at hand and began to argue over who would be the greatest among them! Peter, always the loud mouth, knew it would never be himself! Jesus told him that he would deny Him three times before dawn! Why did Peter let the devil slip this in on him, after the Master had warned him? He was presumptuous and proud. Jesus told him that Satan desired to “sift him as wheat”. Jesus said, “You can sift him, but you cannot destroy him.” Sounds like the story of Job! Peter was ignorant of this darkness in him and this left him open to the attack! James 4:6 God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” We know that Peter repented, was very humbled, by what happened to him. He learned from his mistake. We need to examine our self to see if there is an area in our life that needs to be taken to the altar. It isn’t just sinners that need to confess, it is us, the confessing Christian, that needs to look at the man in the mirror to see if that person needs to be cleaned up a little! As with Peter, I was so proud that God had used me for this special message, I forgot to be careful myself, yes, I had pride!

If the disciples could be fooled and fail, couldn’t we?  A word to the wise is sufficient! Be blessed, pray, mirror anyone?

One Reply to “Need a Mirror?”

  1. This happens quite often in our live even with us being aware. Like you stated we get so excited about a victory we have just experience we fail to guard the door to our heart & block out the enemy Notice that our biggest trial almost always follows a great victory. We make Satan mad as we score our victory & he has to upset us very quickly to cause us to doubt & question the Lord about why me. I have had more personal trouble after a victory than at any other time. In my celebration I lose my focus & the enemy sneaks in & tries to upset my parade of joy. Paul tells us to guard our self at all times for this very reason. I have had to learn to control my celebration to prevent opening the door for a slap across my face by the enemy. Some day we will be able to praise the Lord with all we have & not have to worry about getting a sneak attack from the enemy. I’ll have a new set of lungs then & I promise to be one loud voice to deal with for sure. God bless & have a great day.


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