A Memory, April 1, 2015


It is funny how something long forgotten comes to mind bringing with it a thousand memories. In warning my grandson about being “fooled” today I remembered something a church lady, who shall remain nameless, did to me when I was nine years-old which scared me out of my senses, which made me remember that the very same lady had invited our family to dinner, a luxury since at the time we were having only beans every night for our dinner. She called my mother on the day we were supposed to go and asked her how many biscuits she thought daddy would eat, then Alan and me and before she could ask mother about herself mother informed her she was on a diet and wouldn’t eat any biscuits at all. As a little girl it caused an embarrassment that made me ashamed to go to her house and eat. And all of that because I remembered that today is April Fool’s Day, which for years we thought was my dad’s birthday! Turns out, when he got a passport to travel to Africa and had to get his birth certificate that his birthday was actually April 5, which is Easter Sunday this year! TTTTTHAT’S all from here for now, Have a blessed day! www.harolene.com

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