Dominion? You’re kidding, right?

images-1I have a question for you and if you know the answer I promise you that I will publish it in a size 36 font so that all will know how smart you are and finally have an answer!

God created the Garden and filled it with all kinds of animals and He created man and gave him dominion over of the animal kingdom, DOMINION???? I heard a piece on the news about how the amount of snakebites this year is so much worse; my own uncle fell victim to a baby copperhead and nearly died! The carpenter bees are ruining my deck, wasps are making nests in the eaves of my porch, and the list goes on and on, however that is not what I want to ask about.

There is one might, if tiny, little monster that has created a great amount of angst in my life for the past forty-eight hours. I would love for someone to tell me why God felt we needed them on this earth! I understand that we need the little bee in order to pollinate our fruit trees and flowers, and sadly I have heard reports that their population is diminishing, so even if they are pesky and bite or sting they do serve a purpose, but will you tell me what in the name of my great-aunt Fanny what use a mosquito serves?

I am paying a heavy price for simply sitting outside and watching my grandson and two of his friends play in the swimming pool! I didn’t feel their sneaky little attacks, I was just having a good time watching the kids do belly flops and chase each other while I sipped on my Diet Coke, listening to music and enjoying conversation. I am now covered with great mounds of swollen places on both of my arms, my legs and feet!

My daughter went on the Pinterest site to see if anyone had any home remedies, as I had tried the Cortisone cream the pharmacist had recommended with no results. She found two things that are not really working but have given a small amount of relief from itching, want to know what those remedies were? OK you talked me into it, the first was to heat a metal spoon over an open flame (lucky I have a gas stove) until it is hot then let it cool enough to hold the hot spoon over each bite, I think it is supposed to help get the poison out and stop the itching. The second was to put Icy Hot cream on each bite, which was just to stop the itching.

I am here to report that the only thing these two remedies accomplished was that I now have burned spots all over my arms and legs and I smell like a gym! Go figure!

I will wait for your snappy response to see if we can come up with a (oh here it comes, you knew I was going to say it) SOLUTION!

Genesis 1:26 Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

7 Replies to “Dominion? You’re kidding, right?”

  1. Have you tried Benadryl to stop the itching? It can’t hurt as it will sure stop any itching. That’s what I would do. (Dr. Newton is handling this pro bono, so no need to look for a bill in the mail.) LOL

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  2. In the older days of our youth, as soon as I got a bite my mother would run get the hair spray and squirt it right on the spot… red place came up and I never felt it again…same goes when we were going fishing…now that was a spray all over and skin showing……its the lacur in the spray that does the trick……but I warn you after a while you can’t wait for that bath…..I have been known to do this in my later years.

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    1. Funny I actually thought about that last night and wondered where I had heard it!! Worth a try. I have 24 blistering bites!


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