Opinions are like…

Today I saw a post written by my uncle. He has been posting pictures of the family and I think it’s a wonderful way to share pictures I might not otherwise ever have a chance to see, so I enjoy it. If a person doesn’t want to see pictures of his, or anyone else’s family, all they have to do is to keep scrolling! What ill-mannered person would actually say they were tired of seeing them or make any type of negative comment!

That got me to thinking, so I want to ask you a question and there is not a right or wrong answer, just an opinion, what is more pleasing to your eyes a bouquet of single color flowers or one with a mixture of colors? As for me I love a bouquet with a mixture of white daisies, baby red carnations with little blue flowers and always baby’s breath it just makes my eyes happy. What is more pleasing to your ears, a soloist or a choir? My eclectic taste runs from hoe down country, blues, light jazz, classical, and gospel, which always gets me up on my feet! I am one person among billions on this earth and I have particular things that appeal to my taste, just like you. Is there anyone that likes exactly everything that I do? If you like my taste in music do you like eating pickled beets right out of the jar (no one is sharing here)? No you probably don’t, and wouldn’t this be a dull world if we were all alike? When my daughter married her husband, I changed the way I cooked certain things because he has an aversion to onions, garlic and, basically, anything that makes food good! My dad had the funniest taste in food of anyone! One week he wanted to eat wieners morning and night, the next he would say he never wanted another one and I just adjusted accordingly, the worst was when he asked me to make him a tuna fish sandwich on raisin bread!

If we all started saying out loud things that we don’t like about each other, such a cacophony would rise up around the world you wouldn’t be able to stand it! There is one thing, however, that all of us need to agree upon, that is love of God, and our Nation. I saw pictures this past week of people disrespecting the flag and it made my blood boil in my half-Armenian veins! My grandfather loved this country so much that he would bow down and kiss the ground anytime he traveled abroad and returned home again. He and my grandmother came to this country to escape being killed for claiming Jesus as the Christ, as did a lot of other families at that time. I can’t sit still and see people try to give way to the very people who would cut their throat, if push came to shove, over their beliefs. If they can be so staunch, why can’t I? You can say we should all love everyone, OK, I agree that we have to love everyone’s soul and pray they don’t go to hell, but when they don’t even believe there is a hell, and they make it impossible for you to say a simple prayer in public or at the funeral of a soldier, then I take offense at that, it’s like trying to be friends with the devil himself, it’s just not possible! He may cajole you and make you believe he is helping you but as soon as you have served your purpose in his plan, you are his next meal! God told him he would eat dust for the rest of his days, as a snake in the Garden and think about this, we are made from the dust of this earth! The only thing that can make you an unappetizing meal to him is when our dusty bodies are covered by the blood of Jesus that dripped from His body on the cross, he can’t stomach us then!

Yes, we are all different with different tastes in music, food, flowers, even types of people that we want to befriend or love, but we cannot befriend one who does not believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God! Amos 3:3 Can two walk together, unless they are agreed? Another translation says it this way, “Do two people walk hand in hand if they aren’t going to the same place?

I hope everyone makes heaven their home, but I will not pretend that they are serving the same God if they do not claim Jesus. Matthew 10:32-22 “Stand up for me against world opinion and I’ll stand up for you before my Father in heaven. If you turn tail and run, do you think I’ll cover for you? We must take a stand! We must continue as one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all!

Pray for our land, it is our responsibility; it’s still our right, and our privilege!

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