Mission Aborted!

An old adage says, “The longest journey begins with a single step”! God asked Moses to lead the Jewish people out of the bondage of Egypt and take them to the Promised Land. God spoke to him one day as he was in the backside of the desert and got his attention with a burning bush. What if Moses had seen that bush and thought “Wow, a burning bush, I wonder what Zipporah has cooked for supper“, and turned aside. God would have found someone else to do the job but for Moses it would have been Mission Aborted. There was a lad named Samuel, his mom had taken him to the Temple and gave him to the Lord for His service to fulfill the promise she had made to Him, maybe young Samuel was sad and a little homesick as he was trying to go to sleep. Suddenly he heard a voice calling his name so he got out of bed and went to ask Eli the Prophet if he was calling him. When Eli told him that he was not, Samuel went back to bed. This time when he heard the voice calling him he answered saying, “Speak God, I’m Your servant and I’m listening”. We know Samuel was a chosen vessel, but he could have ignored the voice, rolled over and gone back to sleep, Mission Aborted. Skip to the book of Acts and listen as Saul, traveling on the road to Damascus, hears Jesus ask, “Saul, why are you persecuting me?” Saul heard the voice and obeyed and wrote most of the New Testament! There was another man who heard the call and tried to follow, it was the Apostle Peter! He was with his fellow disciples crossing the sea when they looked out and saw Jesus, walking on the water! Peter, always the loud mouth of the group, jumped out of the boat in an attempt to show off a little and walk on the water also! His faith failed him and he sunk like a rock, but Jesus reached out and snatched him from the depths. If he had kept his eyes on Jesus and not on the water, he would have been able to walk right on out there to where Jesus was, he would have walked back to the boat on the arm of Jesus victorious!

These people I have mentioned all had the chance to fail their mission, opening the way for someone else to take their place in the tasks God had assigned to them. We pray and ask for a sign, He gives us one and we ask for another one. Up close and personal example here: A young person, who had a major heartbreak, had prayed about the situation and, for a while, waited it out, but finally got tired of waiting and started on another path. As soon as they had really just given up, the whole situation changed and they were given the opportunity they had been waiting on. Their next words surprised and disappointed me, “I’m afraid to take the chance, what if I get hurt again?” The prayer was prayed for the situation to change, it changes, and then they are afraid to get out of the boat! Can anyone say faithless?

As a young person I was so on fire for God and wanted the opportunity to witness to everyone. I carried my great big Dake Bible with me everywhere, hoping someone would ask to hear something, anything from the Word, I was prepared! One day I was sitting in a car that was parked facing Ponce de Leon Avenue, Atlanta. There was a bus stop there on that corner. I saw a man fall to the ground and begin to shake violently, without thinking; I jumped out of the car, went and knelt over the man raising one hand to heaven. I said “God help this man!” very loudly. When I opened my eyes, I saw the bus had stopped and people were pouring out and they were staring…at ME! The man had quit shaking and stood up under his own power. A policeman came and asked him his name and he answered, Alan Taylor. Wow, I was so happy, but then I realized the people were staring at me, I suddenly felt like Peter and my faith started to sink! ME the fearless warrior, a regular Joan de Arc! I didn’t take the opportunity to say anything to the people looking at me I just went and got in the car! I felt badly about that, but happy that my prayer was answered! Was there more to be done there? Was there someone to whom I could have witnessed? I will never know, will I?

Have you asked for a mission? Are you ready to answer “Here I am, send me”, if He calls? If He does, answer, “Here am I!”

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