Have you ever been “mooned”?

My  IMG_2832family does all of their shopping on-line whether for Christmas, Birthdays, or just something they want to buy they all go to one of the on-line stores or Amazon and order away. I know that all the different delivery persons must wonder if we are all seriously handicapped or have agoraphobia so that no one ever goes out shopping. The truth is I haven’t been to a shopping mall even the one closest to my house in about fifteen years and that’s the truth. But I digress.

Today there have already been two deliveries one via the US Postal Service and the last one via FedEx. It was when I went to the door for that delivery that I decided to decide about what I needed to do. I looked at the huge, Gunite, in-ground pool and noticed the sun reflecting off of the surface, it is beautiful and costs a lot of money to keep it that way. That pool was the center of our family entertainment back when the “boys” were young, those boys are now 35 and have more pressing things to do than chase each other around the pool, taking high and dangerous dives from the diving board, or playing Marco Polo and water volleyball. They don’t have the time to come around and swim and me? Right, you do remember that I am the one that is afraid to get water in her face, the one that never learned to swim after an uncle whom I trusted let me feel that I was drowning after promising to hold me on top of the water while I flailed my eight-year-old arms trying to learn to swim. I don’t let water run over my face in the shower because I feel like I’m drowning. Is that called neurosis, maybe just abject fear of not being able to breathe under water? Back to the point, I looked at the pool and in my mind’s eye I could see all the children that used to play there and my dad, who loved the water so much and swam so well. I remembered the day my four-year old yelled at me, “Hey mom, watch this!” and jumped into the pool at the deep end, swam all the way to the stairs on the opposite side without ever-moving his arms, only kicking his feet, never coming up for air and then standing with his little brown arms spread wide in complete joy, never mind that I almost had a heart attack! I thought of all the trays of sandwiches I carried out there with cans of soda, the grill with hamburgers and hot dogs sizzling and most of all remembering the laughter and fun. Yes there was the aggravation of them running in and out of the house for more towels or to use the bathroom, and then there was the day I caught them getting ready to jump from the second story window into the pool! They all got a severe scolding and had their eight-year-old butts inside for a “time out”. The funny thing was that when I went back outside I looked back at the window, which was in the room where they were delegated to stay until I came back for them and saw three very bare, shiny butts “mooning” me! I had to admit that all the adults looking on were overcome with laughter and for those of you that know those three as adults I am asking that you not tell them I ratted them out, albeit 27 years ago! Of those three guys, one is a doctor, one a structural engineer and one a pastor!

Do I drain it and get it filled with dirt completely erasing the site of so much frivolity or leave it as a cavernous reminder that those swimmers are no longer there to chase each other into the pool? Isaiah 43:18-19 “Do not remember the former things, nor consider the things of old. Be alert, be present. I’m about to do something brand-new. It’s bursting out! Don’t you see it?”

I’ll think about this tomorrow, after all, tomorrow is another day J

3 Replies to “Have you ever been “mooned”?”

  1. Well, it is a difficult decision. It holds so many wonderful memories, but I bet if you fill it in,when you look out there, you will still see blue water and children frolicking like dolphins anyway.

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