By Jesus and HGM (second installment)

If you didn’t read the blog yesterday, I suggest you scroll down and read it before you read this, this is the second installment of my letter from heaven I know it will help you as it helped me! I copied it exactly, including his sometimes-unique punctuations and spelling!

GOD HAS ALWAYS HAD A SIMPLE PROCEDURE TO FOLLOW From the very beginning God expects total loyalty.

Let us look at an area of our lives we almost never look at with any desire to change: Our Self Esteem or Respect for one’s self = “A person may be successful, flourishing, thriving” but at the same time have a very low self esteem: I see suffering; unnecessary insecureness. I don’t need money; I only want to make a difference in the lives of those I meet:

God’s people will not let evil succeed in their own lives: A low self-esteem can lead one into deep depression: You may be able to impress your colleges and leave good attitudes about yourself yet feel like a total failure when you’re alone.

I know married people who have everything you could physically want, yet those same people often says they find no joy in living. When we doubt ourselves, we cripple our own self-esteem:

There is a cancer of the mind, which can be as deadly upon one’s self-esteem as cancer is to the body. That cancer of our emotions can lead one to do self-destructive actions against their own body: Don’t belittle yourself. Suicide is a common destructive act against one’s self.

Recently God allowed me to lay hands on such a person and rebuke that destructive attitude and see a complete change in that person’s overall self-esteem: When that happened the FROWN, the blank look in the eyes disappeared and when I saw this person several weeks later she said, “All my anxiety has left me and my heart is full of joy” :

By Jesus and HGM

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