The Blame Game

I watch some “reality” shows and there is a common thread through them, it is the “blame game”! No one is ever guilty of anything, it’s always “someone else’s” fault! If we could find this mythical “someone” we could really solve a lot of problems! It just happens that growing up having a preacher for a dad, I have heard of every kind of problem and, strangely enough, most of them were blamed on God, or He was blamed because He didn’t answer their prayers. I gave up being God’s lawyer a long time ago, however, I have to stand in His defense here; we bring on so many of our own problems and want to deny it by making it someone else’s fault, He is the perfect scapegoat! My grandson has diabetes, was diagnosed with it when he was only four. Before he got old enough to try the Pod he hated getting shots with every meal and at night. When he was about seven years old he got so upset one night and said, “I hate having diabetes! I am through with it?” Then he turned on his parents, who were standing together, and said “Why did you give it to me?” I felt very sad for him and for his parents, who couldn’t help the fact that he has juvenile diabetes and would give anything for him to be free of it. We are that way with God. Anything that goes wrong, we turn on Him and want to know WHY! I got a note from someone and I’m sharing it with you because we all have times that we do not feel close to God and we wonder why, where has He gone? I am also giving you the answer I would give you if you wrote a similar not to me! I hope this helps.

“Hey Harolene! I wanted to say I want the Lord so much in my life. It’s not like He’s not there, I just feel a void. I used to see His awesome power all the time. Used to see it abundantly. Now it just seems like that, that relationship that we had, that power that I saw is a distant memory. For the first time, I wonder if God will come through. Is that wrong. I know He will I just wonder where is His wonder working power? Why and how has the world’s complacency and lack of hope won? Thoughts?”

“OK let me hit you up with some hard thoughts. What causes two people to grow apart? Number one reason is lack of communication, when you stop talking you grow cold towards each other. It doesn’t mean you don’t love the other person, you just don’t “have anything in common with them anymore”. Number two, like Adam and Eve, when you are doing things that you know this person might not be all that happy with, you tend to hide behind the bushes so they won’t see you, you realize that you are naked and you would rather just be “out of sight, out of mind”. Being covered in the blood of Jesus keeps you from being naked. When we start letting other things become more important than our relationship with our “partner”, in this case God, then that person tends to feel neglected, non-important, so they just quit coming around. If you get in real trouble, as you said, they will help you (this poor man cried and the Lord heard and saved him out of all his troubles, the Psalms) but you don’t feel the closeness of relationship any longer. So how do you get it back? Mend some fences. GO back to where you actually laid down your cross and pick it back up. You know in your heart I have been perfectly honest with you!

If you have felt that God has left you all alone, just look up, He is right where you left Him!

One Reply to “The Blame Game”

  1. Amen! God doesn’t leave us, we are the ones that leave Him, sometimes it’s because of sin, sometimes we are angry because we feel our prayers aren’t being answered.

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