I was thinking about how some people misuse others in order to get their way, and whether it is a childish act or manipulation of events that brings someone to their ultimate demise they usually have no mercy. Being used is no fun and being the user is abominable. Being raised in a basically public forum has given me the opportunity to see it through my lifetime and it is never a pretty sight. I guess that like most humans, there have been times when I had a great desire for revenge, whether it was for something that had happened to me or someone I cared about, I wanted to see judgment come swiftly! I am only being honest about this because I think it’s something that we have all dealt with at some time or other. As I was thinking, I remembered the story found in the book of Esther. Haman was out to get Mordecai and had devised a way to do it! He had a giant gallows built in his courtyard and intended to have Mordecai hung on it. When anyone was hung back in that time it meant that a pole was shoved up through the person’s rectal area until it emerged somewhere from their upper body. They were left on the pole to be ridiculed by on-lookers until they died. Haman had already informed his close friends that this was to take place. On the night he went to tell the King of this plan (if you want to know the reasons why, read the short book of Esther), the King couldn’t sleep and had the records book brought to him to be read. I guess he wanted to be bored to sleep! It was a good thing for Mordecai because in it was written that Mordecai had saved the Kings life by informing on two men who had planned to kill him! As the King was walking the floor, Haman came in with his plan ready to unfold, the King spoke first asking him how he would honor someone in whom the King delighted. Haman assumed the King was talking about himself and he came up with an elaborate reward. When he had finished, the King informed him that it was Mordecai that he intended to honor and Haman was furious but had to keep a straight face! Mordecai was paraded all over town wearing the King’s garments while riding the King’s own horse with Haman following telling everyone what a hero Mordecai had been! The end of that story is that Haman himself was hanged on the very gallows that he had built for Mordecai, along with his ten sons. Mordecai was assigned a place of honor with the King! Probably no one has ever planned to have you or me hung on a pole, but I’m sure that things have happened that you didn’t understand. The point is that God is faithful to us all.

John 3:16 says that “God so loved that world that He gave His only begotten Son that whomsoever believes on Him should not perish but have everlasting life!” He loves us and thankfully He forgives, because I have needed that forgiveness myself, I also know that when someone wrongs you and you are innocent they will not get by with it forever, there will be a reckoning day. Humanity needs to see revenge taken on the one that brought sin to us, Satan himself!

It is not because of God’s lack of love that wars are fought and people are suffering, it is the presence of the Devil in this world that has created all the hate and crime and ruination of character all around. Revelation 20:3 I saw an Angel descending out of Heaven. He carried the key to the Abyss and a chain—a huge chain. He grabbed the Dragon, that old Snake—the very Devil, Satan himself!—chained him up for a thousand years, dumped him into the Abyss, slammed it shut and sealed it tight. No more trouble out of him, deceiving the nations… We see from that scripture that God doesn’t just get mad with Satan, He gets even!

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