Don’t ruin your day!

I have a recurring dream, I am walking in the hall of a school and no one is there! I keep looking in the rooms to see if I can find someone but I never see anyone. I always find an office and there are blinds in the windows with the waning sun shining through, I am small, I am scared. The hall starts getting smaller until it is almost closing in and I can’t see a door that leads to the outside, that’s when I wake up. I’m not trying to analyze the dream, I’m pretty sure it originates from a place in me that had to change schools so many times because my parents were sent from church to church, so not worried about the meaning. My thought is that we all have things that come to us when we are caught “off guard”, which is moments of stress when you are vulnerable, or right before you drift off to sleep, then it invades your dreams.

I prayed with a person this week that was terribly upset about a problem at work. As I was driving home, I continued to pray, I asked God to give them a miracle, so they would know for sure He had heard their request. Feeling emboldened by the Spirit I was feeling I placed it out there, “God I am asking that you let the answer come by the end of the business day, thank you and Amen!” I waxed even bolder and called the person telling them about the prayer and told them to expect an answer by the end of their business day. Next day I was anxious to hear the results feeling confident that my prayer had been heard, first phone call, “I couldn’t sleep last night, I never heard anything. I tried to have faith and didn’t realize I was thinking about it, but I had bad dreams all night trying to figure it out.” I was disappointed, but told him to “hold on”. Later that morning I got a call, this person’s assistant had received a call after he had left the office that solved the problem! The assistant had taken the message and decided to wait until next morning at work to give it to him! I was so happy to know that God had answered the prayer exactly as we had requested, but they didn’t know it had been answered and had a bad night full of dreams inspired to kill their faith not knowing the answer was already there.

The moral of the story is this: Don’t let bad dreams or thoughts ruin your day, remember before you speak He hears!

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