Angels watching over me

I have said in the past, and I am sure I’m not the first to have said it, that having a child is like wearing your heart on the outside of your body where it cannot be protected. When my first was born, my daughter, I thought I could never love another human the way I loved her, and then my son was born and my heart expanded to hold them both, plus their spouses and don’t forget my grandchildren! I have gone through having to have an EEG on Cherita to see if she had a brain tumor only to find out that it was just a “bad temper” when she was ten-months old, the problems we had with her teeth, to Ara nearly dying with a burst appendix at the age of ten. There have been a lot of laughter with the tears in our day-to-day life and I wouldn’t trade one moment of it for any amount of money. Thinking that getting them grown relieves you of problems is just being naïve, that’s where the real trials and tribulations start. The small boo-boos can be taken care of with a little TLC and band aids but financial problems, fertility issues, real health issues like having two lungs full of blood clots and one child with impending knee surgery tomorrow takes planning and a lot of prayer and knowing that God gives you guardian angels to watch over them when you can’t be there. I have told in the past how when my son was dying with gangrene from his appendix having burst that while he was crying and I was limited to stopping at the red line on the floor when he was rolled through the doors of the operating suite that little ten-year old boy saw his angel standing behind the surgeon and became calm. It was a testimony he told to everyone that came to see him and then he walked up and down the hospital halls telling other patients how his angel had come to be with him during his operation. So I believe that tomorrow as he goes to sleep under the anesthesia his special angel will be there watching the whole process.

What do people do that don’t have faith in knowing that Jesus died and shed His blood so that we could be healed? I thank God that according to Psalm 91:11-12 For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.

Tonight I wish I could lay my boy down in his little trundle bed, laying my hand on his head and pray his good-night prayers with him, since I can’t I know that God is giving His angels the job of watching over him, thank you God for that. Know that He is watching over you and all yours too!

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  1. Yes Angels are watching over HIM and YOu all of us. My mom would shout and think God when she saw a Dove (which was rare in Blairsville) Today a Dove was on my back deck !! Peace wonderful peace!!!!

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