Do you know me?

I was talking to God about some things that I wish I knew, could handle better or have the wisdom I need to know how to handle them period!  I said, “God I wish I knew what you thought on this,” immediately I knew the answer and it’s pretty simple. But before I tell you the answer let me ask you this, do you know how your best friend would react in any given situation? If they were surprised or scared would they scream, run, laugh? What advice would your close confidant give if you were in trouble, upset, or confused?

Here is the answer, it was “Get to know Me as well as you know people that you are close to, then you will always know what I am thinking or what I would say.” How do you get to know Him that personally? Easy, you pray! Just talk to Him and most important is to read His Word!

If I write letters or emails to you and they continue to remain unread, you will you NOT know what I am thinking, you will not know ME and eventually I will simply quit trying to communicate with you! It is talking with someone, spending time with them that lets you know who they really are. If you really know me, you will know the difference when I say something that is silly or funny as opposed to taking me too seriously, on the other hand if I am being serious, you will know it!

The difference between your relationship with God and another person is that when God wrote His Word, gave His prophets His Words, gave the Commandments to Moses, when all those things happened, they really WERE “written in stone!” Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever!

People tend to change with the phases of the moon, or circumstances, God means what He says and says what He means and we can believe it! In the book of John we can find a walk of faith by reading His unchangeable Word! Faith is important to our understanding of Scripture and to the Spirit’s activity in our lives. Faith, like love, evidenced itself in obedience. Faith approaches God boldly to receive from Him!

Amp up your prayer life and get to know God as a personal friend!

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  1. Without a doubt, though there was a gap of far too many years. I thank you for your encouragement and love…

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