Beachballs and Foolish People

I’m sitting on the balcony of my condo watching the waves, skiers, people trying to look like they are seriously doing a power walk, girls showing off their beautiful young bodies and other’s hiding theirs under beach towels, when suddenly I saw a beautifully colored beach ball coming towards me as if it were attached to a string and I was the one pulling it along. I watched as it started at the oceans edge, bounced up toward the road on the little path and continued to bounce onto the road where cars and bikes were trying to avoid it. The ball never noticed that it was in any danger of being popped and smashed flat by the tons of steel that were chasing it, it just kept right on bouncing along. It finally went up the road a bit and I watched as it moved back over to the sand down the road and back down toward the beach where some ball tossing person would surely find it and have fun, never knowing how close the ball came to being a piece of deflated plastic on the road.

I have noticed that people on vacation seem to think they are immortal, they run out in front of cars, drive recklessly, wear the most unflattering garments while doing all the above and expect no one to notice, I do…. Notice, and like the ball bouncing merrily along oblivious of any danger along the way they just keep bouncing along until the inevitable happens and I did see that happen yesterday in a tragic accident.

Proverbs 14:24 The wise accumulate wisdom; fools get stupider by the day.

Don’t be like the bouncing ball just going wherever the winds of life blow you, they could put you in the middle of the highway and you might not get away without getting smashed flat!

So much for my “wisdom from the beach”!


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