I saw a Man

I Walk The Line” is a movie, which tells the story of the singer dressed in black, Johnny Cash. He grew up being mistreated by his dad and when Johnny’s brother died young Johnny overheard his dad cry out, angrily, “God took the wrong son!” That one scene gave me understanding of the darkness in his soul and the need he developed for drugs and alcohol. I had a song on my mind earlier and it is special to me because of the young man who played the piano and sang it, back in the day, “I Saw A Man”. I didn’t know that song was written by Mr. Cash until I Googled it to find the lyrics I was totally surprised. This piece is dedicated to the person who sang that song through his own broken heart, and I wonder if he reached into his dreams seeking “the Man” who would love and respect him for who he was, who would take up for him when he was abused, who would offer the helping hand of encouragement in a time of need. This person who wrote great short stories, poems, played piano, and made all A’s in school, all without the love and approval of that one person he needed it from most yet, he beat the odds, he was educated, made a good living for his family and was a very respected person in his community.

Before Paul became the respected apostle writing nearly the whole New Testament he was a horrible man who rejoiced in how many Christians he could persecute, but one day Jesus stopped him and spoke to him and he was forever changed. Here are three men, a tortured songwriter, an abused young man, and a persecutor, what is the common thread? They all saw “the Man“, and He gave them each the chance to become something better than they could have imagined, whether recognized by their peers or not.

Jesus can make the difference in your life, if you will just really see Him for yourself. I can’t talk you into it, you have to want to see Him and want the change that only He can bring into your life. A few words from the song: “Last night I dreamed an angel came he took my hand, he called my name, he bid me look the other way, I saw a man, I heard Him say, He said if I be lifted up I’ll draw all men to me, He turned and then I saw the nail scarred hand that bled for me, I touched the hem of His garment that fell round him there, my life, my heart I gave, my soul was in His care.”  

Seek to find, and see the Man, He gave His life, for yours.

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