Barber Shop or Beauty Shop?

I have a question, it’s not of National importance or spiritual significance, but I’ll ask, maybe you know!

This is another “beauty shop” story, but it had been so long since I had actually gone to a shop that I am amazed at all the changes and just can’t quit talking about it!

It was early so I wasn’t expecting to see many people in there and wondered for a moment if I were in the right place because of the clientele, I looked back outside the door and didn’t see a red and white striped pole so I walked in. I found myself sitting next to a rather large man wearing a shirt with the sleeves cut off, I assumed to show off the massive tattoos covering his equally massive arms. When they called me first I was surprised because he was already there when I arrived, I asked him if he shouldn’t have gone first, he waved me off with, “I’m sure they have a plan.” I walked over to the chair to have my hair washed and, insult upon injury she brought a footstool for me to put my feet on as if I were a child.

As I was enjoying the feel of the marvelous massage of my scalp I heard a man bragging about how much money he made. Seems he was offered eighteen hundred dollars a week to drive his truck but had to drive three thousand five hundred miles a week and turned it down. With my eyes closed I heard a discussion of the latest Braves game and so I peeked to see who was talking because it didn’t sound like “bragging guy”, and sure enough it was another man who was having his eyebrows and his nose-hairs waxed! Just sayin’ the lady took more time grooming this guy’s eyebrows and nose-hairs than it took to get my haircut!

The parade of men getting groomed waxed and cut continued until I left and in all that time there was only one other woman that ventured into this “beauty shop”.

So the burning question would be, aren’t there places called “Barber Shops” anymore? Has this previously female environment, where women used to be able to have their beauty routine carried out without being “looked at” gone the way of finger-nail polish and earrings which I always thought of as being something for females, except of course for Errol Flynn or Tyrone Power with their single earring in those swashbuckler movies I used to lay on my stomach and watch when I was a little girl?

OK then I am going to say my prayers and go to bed, if you have an input I would love to hear it!

Now I lay me down to sleep…


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