Papa can you see me?

Have you ever heard someone say about a person, “When God made him He broke the mold”? Even though it is said we all have a “Doppelgänger”, our look-alike twin, when you and I were made the mold was broken, there is only one you.

I believe that when each of us is born we have a mission in life that only we can accomplish. I don’t mean things like building an Ark to save the human race, or leading the Children of Israel across the desert to the Promised Land. I think that if Noah or Moses had failed to do what God instructed them to do then another person would have been raised up to do the job, because it had to be done! I am speaking of the things in your life, the people whom you touch that you may be the only person who will care enough or have the wisdom to reach out to help.

When I was nine-months old I survived a car crash where I was thrown from a bed in the back seat of the car through the glass wind-shield where I was found on a bed of broken glass shards only inches away from falling off into a river bed hundreds of feet beneath a bridge in the mountains of West Virginia. There was a death notice in the Logan, West Virginia paper the next day saying that three people were killed when the car in which they were riding hit the abutment of a bridge. I wonder at times what the special purpose in my life has been, why was my life spared? Was it to sing and play the organ in church, to teach a class of people lessons from the Bible, to pray for people in a prayer meeting, or was it to raise two children who have become fine up-standing citizens, one a wonderful mother who is raising two children of her own, or a son who is a Chiropractor who works on people with his healing hands because he really cares about them and not just the money that their visit might earn him?


I got a message from one of my readers in which she said she had a dream about me in which I was standing in a dark corner of a room, I started to speak asking, “who is in your corner?” As I spoke my corner became bright and then the whole room was brightened! When I read that I said, “Wow, what a wonderful dream! I would like to think that of all the things I have done in my life, that would be the thing I would cherish most, the ability to bring light to someone who is in the dark spiritually, a laugh to someone who is feeling depressed, or to help to one who is need.”

John 1:1-5 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.  And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.”

Jesus is my light and my life and so if He is my example, I cannot allow myself to get discouraged if people misunderstand me or do not “comprehend my light”, I am not so conceited as to think people would treat me as light when they didn’t see it in Jesus the Christ the Son of the living God, so when I feel ignored, slighted, looked-over, Jesus gave His life for the very people who nailed him to the cross so maybe I shouldn’t take myself quite so seriously, right? If there is no one else like me then I hope I am doing my job right and if it is to be a light to you or someone else I want to shine as a lighthouse shining over the rough waters guiding ships to the safety of the shore.

I look up at the night sky and as “Yentl” did I wonder if my light is shining bright enough for my “Papa” to see me…

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