September 14, what a day!!

September 14, 2017 I don’t usually start by putting the date, now I’ll tell you why.

At three o’clock in the morning on September 14 a long time ago, there was a massive car wreck on a mountain highway in West Virginia. A young evangelist, along with his wife and nine-month old baby were traveling to Ohio for a revival and as young people will do they overestimated their ability to drive all night without sleep. The car in which they were driving ended up squarely hitting the abutment of a bridge high over a mountain ravine. The baby who was bedded down in the foot of the backseat (obviously before the days of car seats and seatbelts) was thrown by the impact through the front window and onto the hood of the shiny apple-red Pontiac. When the young preacher gained consciousness he was able to push against the door and stand out in the drizzling rain, seeing his baby on the hood of the car he picked her up and patted her back to try and comfort her and realized that her clothes were soaked in blood. Looking inside the car he saw his young wife under the dash, her face a mangled mess. The next day it was reported in the Loganville paper that three people had been killed in a car wreck on the mountain highway early in the morning September 14.

Fast forward the years to a September 14, and see a young couple rejoicing over the birth of a beautiful baby boy, black hair, brown eyes and the soul of a saint. At the age of eight he watched a family on a local television channel and decided that when he was old enough to drive he was going to go to that families church, the Gospel Harvester Chapel on Defoor Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia. By the time he was driving, that family had moved the church to 1521 Hurt Road, Marietta, just a few short miles from where he lived! He started going to that church, joined the choir, the drama department, was involved in all the activities and fell in love with the granddaughter of the Senior Bishop and married her a few years later.

On September 14, two weeks after the young man had married the granddaughter, her ten year-old brother’s appendix which had burst two days before gangrened and he was in the hospital dying, it took ten days in the St. Frances Hospital before he was able to go home, God saved his life that day.

Today on this September 14 the baby thrown through the windshield is helping to celebrate the birthday of the little boy who grew up and married my daughter and the ten year-old, my son, grew to be a valuable Doctor of Chiropractic and fabulous musician helping to lead worship at the church at 1521 Hurt Road, Marietta, now called the East West Church.

At the time of this writing there is something else transpiring that I am not free to tell right now, maybe I’ll tell you next September 14, 2018.

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  1. Sept 14th 1994, is the date I left Egypt and moved into the desert.

    My story is not nearly so dramatic as yours. But it is noteworthy to me.

    So… Surprise surprise… I remember the 14th of September too. For my own reasons, but it is an important date to me too.



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    1. If I had your email I’d tell you what’s happening now. I think I’ll skip the 14th next year. Yes your story is dramatic too!

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  2. As for drama, my story is no where near as dramatic as a baby flying through the windshield in a car wreck. No way.

    My story is more subtle that all that. But personally important to be sure.

    I was young then, newly married, and had an overly controlling grandfather trying to run my life (not for the better). I broke with my kin – for a while to get away. And even now, I see that 4 of us grandchildren flirted with major drug addiction. Two of us went off the deep end completely. The other one still dabbles. I, on the other hand, am the only one with a high school diploma. I also have a college degree (2 of them) and some grad school (unfinished though). I have 25 years of sobriety. I have a stable marriage and a thriving ministry to others. I don’t say all this to brag, but to justify my break with my damaged/dysfunctional family.

    I did not remain estranged forever. I established my own life without these folks AND THEN came back around to seek peace, which I got (for the most part).

    Anyway, geographically/theologically, this all happened when I left home in Colorado and moved to Arizona. It also coincides with my coming back to church – back to faith, really.

    I started writing in personal journals in those days, as per a counselors suggestion. I drew pictures and likened my life to that of Israel in bondage to Pharaoh and leaving Egypt to wander in the desert. During that time, I went back to church and committed my life to Jesus. And then I was considering going to school for Bible in Abilene, Texas. One night a lady moved to Phnx and placed membership in our congregation having come from Abilene. When the old cowboy/deacon got up to read the announcements and share that we had a new member from Abilene, he said… Abilene… Everyone knows that’s the Promised Land. I took that to be a word from God for me. It was a bit of humor for everyone else but he had no idea about my journals and all. So I took it as confirmation that I should go to school in Abilene.

    But all that started with my move to Phx in Sept. 94. And I have always remembered that fondly. Actually, I do have a couple of mildly dramatic stories associated with that. But I don’t have time to write all that here. Its not that interesting anyway. I mean you really have to be a diehard Norman Rockwell enthusiast to get excited over my mundane experiences.

    But I found it a hoot that you commemorated the date too. I thought I was the only one. But I took a leap of faith that day that really separated all before it from all after it. Sortof a birthday almost. One no one would ever send a card for…

    As for email…

    your site requires I supply it in order to comment. click on my info in your moderation screen… I think you will find it there. If not, I can post it, but I prefer it be unpublished except in this closed vest way.

    God bless you… and that baby (those babies)

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  3. All I can say i WOW. I had wondered where was agent X Be blessed both of you for fulfilling what God had planned for YOU Both.

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