…and here is the rest of the story, sort of

If you read my blog yesterday you learned a few facts about what September 14 has brought to my household. I left you with a cryptic statement promising to explain it perhaps next year. I was given permission this evening to go ahead and tell you what happened and I will attempt to do it as briefly (briefly? Me?) as I can.

As I was writing and listing all the tragedies turned miracles on that date, another tragedy was taking place, one I hoped would be another miracle. We were waiting for my son and his wife to get here before we ate our Chick Fil A sandwiches and cut into the Dairy Queen ice cream cake that Giles had requested, so I decided to write my blog while we waited for the gathering of the family. While I was writing I got a phone call, it was my son. His wife was on her way home from the high school where she coaches cheer leading and had pulled over to the side of the road because she was in so much pain. By the time she got to my house her face was white; she was in terrible pain and was vomiting bile. These were symptoms I was familiar with remembering back to the September 14 twenty-six years before when my son was suffering the same symptoms. She was taken to the emergency room of a hospital in downtown Atlanta where it was confirmed she was having an appendicitis attack. They began anti-biotic IVs and started calling technicians to come and do an MRI. Having seen what my ten year-old had suffered I knew what could happen if we didn’t move quickly. I began to pray and sent out texts to my sister, my brother and the other pastors of our church to agree with me in prayer for her.

They took her to surgery and I was in the waiting room with my son. It seemed we had barely gotten settled when the surgeon came out with a smile on his face. He was able to perform the laparoscopy removing the enlarged and inflamed appendix in thirty minutes! “Textbook” he said! Completely successful! Waiting for her to wake up took a lot longer than did the surgery but we were so happy that God had once again come on the scene on September 14 and saved her life.

There is more to the story that I don’t have permission to share at this time but suffice it to say that God still answers prayer!

I will add that September 16, is my son and his wife’s sixth wedding anniversary! She is at home and resting now!

On a side note, my son in law has decided that next year on his September 14 birthday there will be no celebration planned, he will take his wife out for a quiet dinner!

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