Looking inside of myself

Have you ever looked at an MRI of your brain to see if you could see everything that has ever happened to you? I did!


Have you ever looked at an MRI of your head? Four years ago today I looked at mine and it was gruesome. I was looking at a skull with a neck that is in trauma, according to the doctor, and he wanted to know what was my “level of pain”. I told him, “I wouldn’t know anything was wrong if you weren’t showing it to me! I am not in any pain!” I looked at the negative of my own head and tried to see if I could see the inner turmoil and trauma that I have faced in my life, I couldn’t see it; then I looked for times of joy and laughter, pictures of my children and past loves, none to be seen. No poems, scripture or novels, no special needs or wants; all I saw was gray matter, inside a bony structure, it was a little strange…

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