Beauty and the Beach

There is nothing more beautiful than the sunset and the moonrise on the ocean. I am sitting on my little balcony watching fun seeking people go by, knowing that they don’t know how much they are missing by not just soaking up what is the obvious, the reason there are multiple high rises built along this little stretch of the Red-neck Riviera, the ocean! I see a man jogging and from the way his tummy is bouncing up and down as he runs in his brand-new jogging shoes I wonder, “Why exactly is he doing that? Is he trying to impress someone, or maybe he has decided to take up a new way of life of healthy eating and running.” Meanwhile there are a few waves gently rolling into the sand as a few stragglers are laying on towels, looking at their phones to see what time it is and whether they should go and eat with the early birds or wait awhile. Waiting till later means waiting for the early birds to finish their meals, and watch as they rub their stomachs and proclaim they have eaten way too much. I am just an observer of all these things. I have been out today, gotten the coffee I wished I had gotten last night when I woke up this morning and a dozen eggs and as I write this I realize I have forgotten to buy butter. I was so intent on finding my pink salt it slipped my mind. Maybe I can take a butter that will be on my table later this evening because I really don’t see myself going back into the store; which brings to mind another thought I had as I was navigating the aisles of the local Walmart. Everyone was rushing and filling their carts to the brim with all kinds of things that I wonder if they are really going to use, and why do they all look so bedraggled?? I may not have put on a full paint job this morning but it just isn’t in my DNA to go out looking as if I were on my last legs, even when I felt that way.

So, vacation will continue for a few more days and then I feel I will probably need some rest from all this people watching I have been doing.

The movie I went to today was good but not one I would go back and see. If I really like something I can watch it over and over again and enjoy, laugh or cry, whatever the appropriate emotion is, in the same places every time. Example, at the end of An Affair to Remember, I know that Cary Grant is going to discover that it was his lover Deborah Kerr who was the cripple that came in and wanted his painting, and when he hugs her and she tells him, “Don’t cry, if you can paint, I can walk”…. exit music and tears, every single time!

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  1. I watch The Quiet Man every chance I get. It’s my all time favorite film, although I was only six years od when it was released….

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