Beauty and the Beach, “take 2”

It looks as if a giant hand has thrown millions of shiny silver sequins across the top of the water as it gently ripples with the wind, the flag is a cautionary yellow, but the water-skis cutting across the silvery surface causes tiny white waves which roll up to the sand which is pure white, altogether my view is simply beautiful. I noticed that the yellow-vested construction workers who are digging up the side of the road for whatever reason stopped and watched a group of three young guys walk by, I think if I were any closer I might be able to see envy in the eyes of those workers, maybe wishing that they were walking down that beach and heading toward a good time instead of having to earn a few dollars by the sweat of their brow. Right across from me is the crooked Palm tree that my dad loved. He felt like that tree was there just for him and as I look at it I let the part of me that is my dad appreciate the beauty of it, but knowing that now he is seeing more beauty than I could ever even imagine.

The day he died he talked about being able to see a very beautiful city. He said people were walking on the streets. As his eyes slowly looked back and forth into eternity all I could see was a blank wall but he was describing every little detail of that beautiful sparkling city. I asked him if he recognized any of the people and he said, “No it’s too far away to recognize anyone.”

Sometimes I think I would rather be where he is and see all the wonderful things he told us of as he was making his transition than sitting here looking at my piece of the pale green to blue, sequined waters of the Gulf.

God is such a wonderful artist, we have so many beautiful things to see and it’s not over when we close our eyes here on earth, we will then be just beginning our adventure…

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