Watching over me


God gave my family a miracle in the form of two tiny, perfect, beautiful, baby boys.  They are the twin sons of my son and his wife but to me they are just an extension of the perfect son to which I gave birth thirty-seven years ago who was himself a miracle and the fulfillment of a prophecy given to me by my grandfather.  As I was watching over them in their little rocking cradles I had the realization of how God watches over us. Those two sleeping babies had no idea that I was hovering over them, watching them squirm, suddenly cry out as if they were being stabbed, get quiet again, lay still then start the cycle all over again. At any time I could reach down and pick one of them up and comfort him letting him know there was no reason to be afraid.  I watch them throw their little arms up in the air suddenly as if they are falling and I put my hand on them to steady them and tell them they are going to be alright, “Mammy is right here watching over you and I am not going to let anything happen to you!” Only thing is they don’t really know that, their eyes are closed, they are sleeping, maybe having bad dreams, or dreaming that the source of their milk is suddenly not there, I don’t know but it’s fun to try and imagine what they are thinking.

I thought of how we often have fears, night terrors, cry out thinking that God is afar off and doesn’t hear but if we are made in His image, and according to Genesis 1:27 we are, then He is watching over our every move, waiting to see if we are just having a nightmare or if it is something He needs to intervene in and pick us up.

Those are only my thoughts but I like to think of God standing over me in the midst of my troubles, just waiting to pick me up when I really need Him.

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