When you feel violated

I had a cute cottage style house located on a street where the trees graceful branches met across the street giving the effect of a quiet hall and it came to a dead-end at a beautiful golf course. My parents home was about six houses down the same street and usually after my husband left for work I would walk down there for a cup of coffee with my folks. One beautiful Spring morning I walked down there and while I was there we decided to go grocery shopping and run a couple of other errands. By the time I got back on the street I asked my mother to walk to my house with me so I could show her how my redecorating was coming along. We walked up the sidewalk and I stopped to get my mail from the little mailbox located on my doorpost. We talked for a few minutes and for some reason that I can’t remember I decided to walk back up to her house without going in having forgotten the original reason I asked her to go in the first place. It was a Friday and since my husband was working late and wouldn’t be home I went on to the prayer meeting that I led at the church I attended. During the meeting I got a call from my husband asking if I knew where my house keys were, Of course I told him they were in my purse, why? Long story short, our house had been broken into. I left the meeting dreading what I was going to see what had happened in my little house. The drawers were all opened with clothes hanging out, the TV in my bedroom had been unplugged and was halfway pulled off the top of the armoire. The silver that my mother’s family had all pitched in to buy as a wedding present for us was gone, and in that chest a gift I had received from a friend, Ivory handled carving knives. Now I am going to back up three days from that day to the preceding Tuesday. I woke up in a panic, I was having a dream, I was seeing two men both dressed in camouflage, breaking into our basement door and coming up the stairs toward our bedroom. I told my husband about it and asked him to get someone to come and put a heavier lock on that back door, and possibly even block it. He put me off with “It’s just a dream, don’t worry about it.” “What is he thinking?” I thought silently, doesn’t he remember all the dreams I have had that have come to pass exactly as I dreamed them? When I had gone there earlier the day it was broken into I didn’t realize that it was the angel of the Lord that stopped me from going on into the house. The policeman said that the way the TV had the cord wrapped around it and was pulled halfway off something must have happened to scare them and they ran back out satisfied with what they had already stolen.

The feeling I had when I walked into my home was that I had been personally violated, almost as if I had been raped, it felt that personal. God had warned me and nothing had been done about it, however He protected me by putting guardian angels at my door to prevent my going in while the robbery was taking place. I thought of Psalm 91.

I’m sharing this with my granddaughter whose car was smashed into last night and her very important items stolen. If you are feeling violated for whatever reason, whether physically, mentally, spiritually or financially, know that God will help you, He has already protected you, you just were not aware of it, I am the perfect example of that!

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