5-8-2013 My dad’s glorious day!

I am putting this on here for Terrie Lynn Lovins who recently lost her dad, I hope it helps. If you are grieving a loved one, read this, I hope it helps!


Today is the fifth anniversary of my dad taking his leave from this earth. I feel his spirit close to me often and with my sister posting his messages every Wednesday and having him singing on my playlist keeps him very much in our mind. I will never be afraid to die after seeing him and my mother both take their final breath on this earth. Just thought I would post this to keep the memory of how it happened fresh for those of you who loved him and to build faith for those of you who might need it!

Monday night, May 6, 2013, we called the family in as the doctor told us our dad was going. He told us that his father was standing in the room dressed in a black suit. I asked if my grandfather had come to take him and he answered, “Yes”…

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