And here’s one I’ve never told you before!

This morning I was saddened to hear that Aretha Franklin had passed away. The news anchor was giving details of her successful career and mentioned that Miss Franklin had said that Mahalia Jackson was one of her mentors.  I realized that I have a memory I’m not sure if I have ever shared! When I was twelve my dad was a speaker at a convention at which Mahalia Jackson also attended and sang. After one of the sessions my dad introduced me to her. She said she had been told what a great singer I was, she then sat down at the piano and asked me to sing What a Friend we have in Jesus, when I started she stopped and put her hands up, she said, Let me show you how this ought to be sung and at that she sang a very soulful version which I never have forgotten. I have tried to replicate it for my whole life but that has never happened!!

Funny how that whole scene came flooding back to me this morning.   You never know what is just around the corner in this life, do you?

I am including the link to hear her sing this great hymn on YouTube, give it a listen!

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  1. What a wonderful memory PH! Thank you for sharing! I love to hear you sing and miss that a lot.

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