and when I’m gone….

I read that in the year 2000, 23 years after he died of a heat attack, Elvis Presley earned $35 million! Another article I read said that Michael Jackson sold more albums in the year after his death than he did over the last 13 years of his life! Probably the same can be said for Prince and other famous singers. I thought about that today when I heard that music stores were selling out of Aretha Franklin’s albums and people are ordering them and waiting for them to be re-stocked.

Just a thought, Jesus walked the shores of the Galilee, the streets of Jerusalem, lived in the little town of Bethlehem until He was thirty-three. He had a band of twelve men that walked and ministered with him but he wasn’t known world-wide yet more than two-thousand years after His death there are sermons preached every week with Him and the salvation He bought for us by His death on Calvary being the main theme, and the Bible is still the number one selling book.

Do you need to die before anyone takes notice?

Live so that after you are gone when someone remembers you, they will smile and know that you have gone to a better place.


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