Pulling it together

People say mistakes are good for you if you learn from them so they aren’t repeated. I would rather learn from watching you make mistakes, making them myself has been painful at times, embarrassing at others.

Today I watched a person wrap up the leftovers of a life seventy years in the making and I learned that being overly cautious and tediously organized pays off when you are trying to tie a knot in the twine that is pulling that package together.

I will make sure I have a will, all my accounts listed on one sheet of paper and enough twine so that all my bits and pieces are wrapped in one neat package and my children can walk away satisfied that Mom took care of everything very nicely!

1 Timothy 5:3-8 Take care of widows who are destitute. If a widow has family members to take care of her, let them learn that religion begins at their own doorstep and that they should pay back with gratitude some of what they have received. This pleases God immensely. You can tell a legitimate widow by the way she has put all her hope in God, praying to him constantly for the needs of others as well as her own. But a widow who exploits people’s emotions and pocketbooks—well, there’s nothing to her. Tell these things to the people so that they will do the right thing in their extended family. Anyone who neglects to care for family members in need repudiates the faith. That’s worse than refusing to believe in the first place.


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