Life is like a football game!

With the start of the college football season thoughts of pigskin spiraling through the air brings to mind the most exciting play, seeing the “Hail Mary” pass thrown for the first time! It was in 1978 when Steve Bartkowski connected with Alfred Jackson on the final play of the game to defeat the Saints! I think I might have jumped all over the room (since defeating the Saints was the best thing that could happen to a Falcons fan!). He did it again in 1983 this time connecting to Billy “White Shoes” Johnson to beat the 49ers!

I’m thinking of the times in my life when I needed a “Hail Mary” of a miracle and got it!

If you look back into the Bible at some of the accounts there you will see several of those Hail Mary miracles, or victory at the last possible moment.

Noah built an ark while his friends and neighbors looked on and made fun of him for building this huge monstrosity in his front yard and for what? “Rain you say?” Well when the rain started and he and his family went in and God closed the door there were people beating that gopher wood so hard they got splinters in their hands but to no avail.

Moses called the Children of Israel out into the desert, they began to hear the thundering of hooves and the rattle of chariot wheels as Pharaoh’s army descended on them, there they were between the “devil and the deep blue sea”, literally, but God opened the water and they walked through on dry land, and to top it off the army followed them into the middle of the upstanding waters and the walls of water fell on them, taking them out.

Daniel was thrown into a lions den full of hungry lions but as he was being tossed in God sent an angel to effectively give them lock jaw for the night and he was saved alive, bad news for the guys who accused him as they were tossed in, along with their children and wives to the hungry beasts and were devoured as they hit the ground.

Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego were friends of Daniels who were good looking young men who were made eunuchs and put into the service of the King. When they refused to bow down and worship his golden image an order was given for them to be thrown into the fiery furnace, which had been heated seven times hotter than usual, so hot in fact that the men who threw them in were overcome and died from the heat of it yet the Hebrew guys survived the night with the “fourth man who looks like the Son of God” giving them their Hail Mary moment and they came out without even the smell of smoke on their garments.

Well you know I could go on and on but for the sake of space and your patience to continue to read I will finish with this: Life is a football game, we are in the last seconds of the fourth quarter and standing in the corner of the end zone just waiting for that salvation ball to come spiraling through the air for us to catch and claim our victory, not over the Saints but over the devil himself!

6 Replies to “Life is like a football game!”

  1. I thought life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get. Not sure where I got that idea (just kidding… it’s a st. Gump thing).

    Ha!!! 😉

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    1. Yes yes good old Forrest Gump. I cried out loud at that movie when he was running away from the bullies and Jenny was yelling “Run Forrest Run!” It was embarrassing, not for me but the person I was with didn’t know the back story of what would make me do that. I just let him wonder. That was our first and last date 😃


  2. …And He’s still there, saving some “though as by fire…” not exactly a Nobel Prize to be coveted (Heaven instead of Hell but absolutely no reward)… but nevertheless, His mercy, kindness and grace are always “right on time.”

    Thanks for this thought-provoking blog.

    Blessings! Phil

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  3. Amen! I loved this one! I love football too. Today has been a football disappointment. Trying top figure out where did my Falcons go.
    Love you!!

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