… for memories and my favorite things…

Apart from all the wonderful spiritual things I have to be thankful for, there are some regular everyday things I am thankful for and some great memories that are my favorite things:

My fat white coffee mug that had its origin in the Brown Derby

Steaming hot strong black coffee to fill my fat white mug within five minutes of waking in the morning.

The lightweight fork, not the gold-plated one but the plain, cheap stainless that came with a set of silverware that no longer exists. It seems to fit in my hand just right and the tines are sharp enough to pierce that straggling piece of lettuce with a bit of dressing on it at first stab.

My soft old leopard print nightgown, lying down on tightly stretched white sheets with seven pillows, three under my head and two on either side.

Un-fastening my bra and kicking off my shoes the moment I walk in my house and getting into my comfy clothes.

Standing in front of people and feeling the anointing of the Holy Spirit envelope me like I had been shrink-wrapped in Saran Wrap and feeling as if I was having an out-of-the-body experience, watching myself as I spoke or sang, priceless.

The moon in any stage but especially when it is full and faithfully glowing night after night knowing that everyone that has ever been born on the face of the earth has gazed upon this same beautiful orb.

The sun shining on sugar white sand on a hot summer day and not worrying that I will have sun spots or wrinkles, just enjoying the moment with my portable radio listening to the local DJ count down the top 10.

My son and daughter sitting at the table eating and trying to out-do each other with funny stories and imitations of each other.

Taking my grandson to school and saying our morning prayer as we ride down the road, then as he gets out of the car leaning back in to say, “I love you Mammy.”

My granddaughter giggling over all the Valentine gifts she received from her boyfriend after fearing she was going to be single for the rest of her life.

The expression on the faces of this same granddaughter and her friends as I told them the “facts of life” from my point of view, and then hearing them re-tell it year after year and knowing it is getting more and more blown out of proportion for the laughs the story gets.

Having the dream where I am visiting with my parents and marveling at how young and strong they are.

Listening to my music.

Listening for the Voice of the Lord to speak to me.

Having a light-bulb moment when a scripture comes alive in a different way after having read it many times before.

Decorating for Christmas, and then watching the blinking lights

The memories are only that and can never be brought back except when I think of them as I am doing now. The few material things I treasure are of no real monetary value but I am not a material girl …instead of going out I would rather it just be us sitting over a cup of steaming, strong black coffee …from my fat white Brown Derby mug.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!


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