I live because He lives

When you’ve done all you can for someone and you don’t stand to gain anything material from it you have to be satisfied with just the knowledge that you did it because it was the right thing to do.

Jesus gave us His life, suffering more pain than anyone reading this can even imagine and yet I hear His name used as a by-word, a curse. Would you be generous enough to forgive this kind of disrespect from the people you were wounded and slain for so that you could save their eternal souls from hell’s fire?

“Father forgive them for they know not what they do … “   Luke 23: 34

I find myself in the middle of problems that are not mine and not of my doing yet I strive to try and fix it all, am I a slave for punishment? Am I looking for some kind of martyr’s glory?


I am trying to be like Jesus and “do unto others” as I wish they would do for me. Jesus died for me, the least I could do is to live for Him and try to be like Him.

“Because He lives I can face tomorrow, Because He lives all fear is gone, Because I know Who holds the future, my life is worth the living just because I know He lives.”  Bill Gaither


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