Sleep in heavenly peace…

While listening to the Christmas carol “Silent Night” this morning the phrase, “Sleep in heavenly peace” stuck in my mind and I have had that as an earworm since. So I decided to think about what that meant.

If you compare someone sleeping to, “sleeping like a baby”, then you are saying they had a very restless night, they wet their diaper and soaked their jammies, they got hungry around 3 am and had to have a refresher bottle and then they wanted someone to pick them up and hold them while they went back to… sleeping like a baby.

So that’s not it.

Luke 22:45 we find that the disciples were asleep in the Garden while Jesus was praying so desperately that blood came through his pores with sweat, why were they asleep? Here is the verse: When He rose up from prayer, and had come to His disciples, He found them sleeping from sorrow.

I looked at that verse in 50 (yes I counted them) translations and they all agreed with the NKJ translation of grief, sorrow or sadness. So perhaps you are grieving and sleep to escape those bad, sad, depressing feelings. You wake with a headache and swollen eyes, were you crying in your sleep?

What is my point?

When I lay my head on my pillow at night it is after I have committed (rolled over, acquiesced, handed to and forgot about) all the problems of the day. I am almost always instantly asleep. When I am listening out for the babies I sleep light but I sleep.

How can I do that?

Isaiah 26:3 (the Passion Translation) You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You, Because he trusts in You.

Conclusion: The way to sleep in heavenly peace is to put your trust in God completely knowing that He watches over you, awake or asleep.

Merry Christmas

5 Replies to “Sleep in heavenly peace…”

  1. asleep on a cushion in the belly of the boat as a storm rages and the disciples are all sure they are going to die and that Jesus doesn’t care.

    That’s some heavenly peace

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  2. Im back

    a little off topic, I know…

    but maybe not THAT far off…

    Mama Harolene,

    I wonder about YOUR perspective, YOUR meditative thought on this… a little question that tickles my interest on the side of things sometimes and never lets me go for too long…

    Passages like Matt 18:1-6; 19:13-15; Luke 18:15-17

    Talk to me about becoming like a child

    about the Kingdom belongs to such as these

    about the humility that seems unique to children


    and one more thing…

    and please bounce all those sparks off this too

    what do we see of this in the first man and woman of Genesis 1-2?


    I hope you will write a post, but as you see fit.

    I am not looking to test you and pick on your answers with this. I hope I don’t give you that idea. I want a MOM’s perspective. A MOMS perspective who meditates on God’s word. That is something I will not come up with on my own. Yet your post here tells me you have that perspective, alright.



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  3. I promise to give it study and thought. I generally write what comes to mind. The guys were asleep and I looked at them and thought how actually funny sleeping like a baby is and then sleeping in heavenly peace. Your thought on the disciples has been on my radar before. These men walked with Jesus and with their own eyes saw what he could do yet they were still afraid. I’m not there yet but I’m learning. Thank you. Iron sharpens iron I hope I am iron enough to be sharpened by you ! ⚔️


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