The gift of Memory

I heard a comment on a TV show, I don’t know the context as I was just passing through but it caught my ear, a man was saying, “I always felt guilty about getting Christmas gifts because I knew my parents couldn’t really afford to give them.” I commented out loud to no one in particular as I don’t know if it landed on any eardrums, “I remember feeling that way.”

That brought up a reverie of thoughts that marched through my mind already crowded with planning my Christmas menu, whether I had all my gifts and the concert tonight for which I, as always, feel unprepared.  I happened to be making some hamburger patties from the three pounds of ground meat that I had planned on making a meatloaf with and something I hadn’t thought of since it happened I guess came to me.

I was ten years old, my baby sister was a newborn and my mother had a knack of making a little seem like more than enough. The inevitable pot of beans that night would have some hamburger meat in it. I was watching my mother working on something and I looked closer to see what it was. She was shaping a hamburger patty into a close resemblance of a T-bone steak. I asked her what she was doing that for, she told me that since daddy loved steak and it had been a long time since he had eaten one she was making him one out of the hamburger, somehow in my ten-year old mind that seemed very romantic.

I wondered if I am leaving any lasting impressions on my children, things that might come back to them at an unexpected time. I hope so.

The gifts we give get old, laid aside, forgotten but the memories we leave can surface at unexpected moments and to me good memories we leave are the best gifts of all.

None of us can match the gift that God gave to us when He sent His Son from the splendor of heaven to a lowly manger, which after all is the reason for the Season.

Merry Christmas!


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