Can you feel the love?

Right now there are people counting the days they have been in a lockdown of sorts trying to stay away from a virus that is … what?

So much negativity…

I have been reluctant to go into my dad’s things since he died. His office is basically untouched. When I walk in there I feel like a child who has been caught plundering and expects to get their hand spanked, however…

I found something that at once made me sad, happy, inspired and nostalgic for days gone by, what was this find?

If you read me regularly you know that I talked about my mother’s birthday on the 25th, just a few days ago. What I didn’t tell you then I am going to tell you now.

I found a card that I had seen and made a copy of for my sister but had put back in my dad’s things in a Bible and saw again on mother’s birthday. It was a card that he had made for her birthday and I don’t know the year, as he hadn’t put it on the card. He had printed out a picture of Mount Ararat, folded it like a card and wrote on the inside…

I love you. The twins, the Mountains are you and I joined perpetually from time past, present and future. The bunches of love have produced pastures of love that need no explaining. Thank you for loving me. I still love you a whole bunch, Your outspoken Secret Weapon, Harry. On the front of his card where there was a picture of an old castle in front of the Mountain he wrote, “Our love for each other and my love for you are like these walls, old but strong and enduring, Ararat.”

I just wanted to give you something written from a heart of love and I hope it gives you a feel good feeling. If you knew my dad I think you will appreciate this even more.

*if you wondered about the different signatures, Ararat is the one he more often used with her, I was surprised to see the inside of the card signed with the name he gave himself when he was 18, Harry.

Be happy.

4 Replies to “Can you feel the love?”

  1. Such poetic words of love and respect. Not many men pen sentiments such as these. I didn’t know your dad named himself Harry at the age of 18. Love reading these true stories of love, friendship, & survival.

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    1. Thank you 🙏🏼 Daddy’s given name was Ararat and when he was young ethnic names weren’t so popular. Also people mispronounced it often calling him A rat which he hated so he went to the county courthouse on his own and added Harry. He was also the first one to marry outside of the Armenian community which is why they faced a lot of things I’ve never publicly told. It wasn’t easy. They loved each other so very much. 🙏🏼❤️


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