What country is this in which I live?

Today I felt like I was in the twilight zone. I decided to make Taco Salad for my family’s supper so I went to the local Publix. I found everything I needed, even an eight pack of Charmin Toilet Tissue and then I went to the cashier to pay my way out of the store. As she was checking my groceries and got to the ground beef she took part of it away and said, “There is a limit to how much you can buy”.

I was stunned!

I have a large family and need at least 6 pounds of ground beef to have enough meat for tacos, or two pans of enchiladas so I wasn’t buying ground beef to hoard, in fact I had only picked up 3 packages of 1 pound because they didn’t have the large 3 pound packages I normally buy because I knew I had 2 pounds in my refrigerator. I didn’t think anything about it and BAM it was taken away from me!

What is this all about? There are as many theories out there as there are people and who knows the whole truth? I have read statistics of how many people died from the different types of flu or virus in recent years that may have been mentioned on the nightly news but not with the mass coverage this one, and I refuse to say that name one more time, has.

Did you think I was going to give you an answer or offer a solution?  You were wrong. I was just trying to figure it out for myself.

I just wanted to say out loud that it felt like I was in a strange land today and it didn’t feel good.

God knows.

Psalm 85:10-13

Love and Truth meet in the street,
    Right Living and Whole Living embrace and kiss!
Truth sprouts green from the ground,
    Right Living pours down from the skies!
Oh yes! God gives Goodness and Beauty;
    our land responds with Bounty and Blessing.
Right Living strides out before him,
    and clears a path for his passage.


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