Going home…

The twins have been watching a music video of the ABC’s and I heard a tune that caught at my heart. I didn’t know why but I kept trying to catch it whenever it was on and remember where I had heard it. I knew it was a classical piece that I had probably learned a simplified form of during my many music lessons so I kept searching until today I finally found it. I invite you to listen to this YouTube video I am posting here and know that you are hearing the only son I would want sung at my funeral if I were going to have one, which per instructions to my family I am not.

Here is what I found…

“Goin’ Home”was actually written by one of Dvorak’s pupils, William Arms Fisher (1861-1948), who adapted and arranged the Largo theme and added his own words, as indicated on the sheet music cover published by Oliver Ditson Company in Boston. Adapted from Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9 becomes a song with a message about finding peace in the next life.  Peace, isn’t that what we are all looking for?

Going Home

Going home, going home,

I’m just going home.

Quiet-like, slip away-

I’ll be going home.

It’s not far, just close by;

Jesus is the Door;

Work all done, laid aside,

Fear and grief no more.

Friends are there, waiting now.

He is waiting, too.

See His smile! See His hand!

He will lead me through. 

Morning Star lights the way;

Restless dream all done;

Shadows gone, break of day,

Life has just begun.

Every tear wiped away,

Pain and sickness gone;

Wide awake there with Him!

Peace goes on and on!

Going home, going home,

I’ll be going home.

See the Light! See the Sun!

I’m just going home.

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