I’ve added a page!!

I added a page a few days ago but I had not announced it here so I think I should do that now!

Let me introduce you to my lovely and talented daughter Cherita! She is the Administrative Assistant and Chapel Director for the Cumberland School. She left a job in a large, prestigious school where she helped to raise thousands of dollars for their curriculum because she didn’t have any contact with the students and that was what she loved most about being at Cumberland.

She began making the videos for the children of Cumberland who because of the quarantine missed not only their classes but their Chapel time! She had such a wonderful response we convinced her to continue to make them for public view… so these Bible lessons are presented to interest the young viewer in learning the Word and to show them by her cute and often funny object lessons what she is teaching them.

The page is Chapel Time with Mrs. Neal and here is a sample video, this one explaining how the Holy Spirit can be 3 N 1! Listen in….

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