Truth is stranger than…

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There is a saying, “truth is stranger than fiction“.  

                                 If you think of that from a Bible toting Christian’s point of view, you can say “Amen to that!” 

If a person tells you they saw a pink elephant walk through the room, you will ask how much they’d had to drink! 

                                I think of that every time I share how God started to show me things and speak to me as a child. It is presumptuous of me to tell you that and expect you to accept it although I have no doubt that most of you do!

I believe that Moses saw a burning bush that was not consumed, and that God spoke to him as he stood there, 

I believe that the Red Sea parted, and the Children of Israel walked across on dry land while the army of Pharaoh was drowned.

                        I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God that He was clothed in flesh from the womb of a virgin. 

I believe he turned the water into wine, walked on water, cleansed lepers, gave the blind their sight, the lame their legs, and raised the dead to life again!

 I believe that as the disciples watched, He was taken up in a cloud, and, most importantly, I believe that He will return again and, not only that, but that we will meet Him in the air!

What’s so strange about that? 

We have grown up with those facts and we accept them as the truth, because they are the truth or maybe we just repeat the stories from the Bible from habit and take the miracles for a nice myth. 

People made the last Harry Potter movie the highest money-making opener of all times which says to me that people want to see something supernatural, something out of their sphere of thinking.

I have seen mind-blowing miracles and they aren’t fiction, they really happened! 

The most amazing miracle of all, and especially to a person like me who has trust issues with the opposite sex, is the promise Jesus made when He said, 

           Hebrews 13:5 “I will never leave you nor forsake you” 

John 14:25-27 “I’m telling you these things while I’m still living with you. The Friend, the Holy Spirit whom the Father will send at my request, will make everything plain to you. He will remind you of all the things I have told you. I’m leaving you well and whole. That’s my parting gift to you. Peace. I don’t leave you the way you’re used to being left—feeling abandoned, bereft. So, don’t be upset. Don’t be distraught.

He said His parting gift to me was peace, wow. How many nights have you been sleepless because you have been stripped of your peace? 

                         To me it’s a great miracle that Jesus loves me just the way I am! I don’t have to put on make-up, lose weight, or wear a new outfit, none of the above. Even greater is that He loves us everyone exactly the same,  

He even loves your worst enemy as much as He loves you, don’t you find that difficult to believe?

When we take vows on our wedding day, we promise to love in sickness and in health for as long as we both shall live, strange, I took that same vow, yet where is the one who took it with me?

                 Jesus took that vow to me when He died on the cross, he put His blood on the dotted line as a sacred signature.

Eddy Arnold wrote a beautiful song I used to love to sing, “It took a miracle to put the stars in place, it took a miracle to hang the world in space, but when He saved my soul, cleansed and made me whole, it took a miracle of love and grace”

That may be the most wonderful miracle of all.

I Corinthians 13:8 starts with “Love never dies“, now that’s a miracle… isn’t that a truth that is stranger than fiction?

4 Replies to “Truth is stranger than…”

  1. Let’s qualify that word “believe” just a bit here…

    If I believe something from somewhat of a scientific perspective, then it means my belief has been TESTED and VERIFIED like in a laboratory. (This is a crude way of saying it, because there are many nuances to this depending on so many variables, but still…)

    On the other hand, if I believe something – especially something you say because I TRUST you, then it’s not put through a system of mistrust in order to be verified.

    To be fair, epistemologically, I will tap into various kinds of knowledge and belief for many different things in my life. So there is a blending always going on… and it’s not always being evaluated and reevaluated by me as I do it. But I am always blending, and I CAN reevaluate at most any time.

    I spoke in tongues once and it might have saved my life. But I didn’t know what I was saying, it wasn’t the tongues of heavens angels, and to the extent they were understood (there was some level of understanding, but a bigger level on not, I think) it was understood by devils. But still, it put the devils on notice and won me some peace which might have saved my life.

    That is almost unbelievable. Hard to explain. But it happened.

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    1. THANK YOU!!!!! I can’t fully answer this minute but I’ll be back a little later. You just made my day ‼️‼️‼️


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