Peter’s Lament

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Knowing that in the book of Revelation in chapter 1 verse 1 a portion of it says, Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near. … I have made the commitment to myself to read it every day, and so far, I have kept my commitment by turning on my Bible app and listening to it, first in the Message translation and now in the King James. We are in the season getting ready for Resurrection Sunday and the time when we follow the steps of Jesus as He prepared to die… anyway all of that to say it made me remember a blog I wrote a few years ago about the denial of Jesus by one of His trusted disciples, Peter… here it is…

This morning as I was driving my grandson to school, I had my music set on scramble so I wouldn’t know what was coming up next. The song that came up sounded ominous, so I glanced at the screen to see what was playing, it was from the soundtrack “The Passion of Christ” the song was “Peter denies Christ”.

                       I listened for a moment then said to my grandson, 

That is a sad song about a terrible event isn’t it?”  

He gave me a sleepy nod of agreement, so I continued, 

            “We think that Peter did a terrible thing when he denied Jesus, TO HIS FACE!”  

Another small nod, then I told him something that finally got his attention, 

Why is it we think that Peter’s denial of Jesus to His face was so bad when we do it every day? People act as if because they can’t see God, He isn’t there to see them and what they do, so they break the commandments and the law of love which says to ‘Love your neighbor as good as you do yourself’. How many people do you know that love everyone as much as they do themselves? “

As I drove on a few more minutes nearing his school, I said as much to myself as to him, 

                 “I may write about that on my blog today.” 

As he exited the car he leaned back in and said, “That’s a good idea Mammy, I love you.”

I think that was a ride to remember as Peter’s Lament became my own theme for the day…God help us all, Jesus is coming soon!!

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  1. My thoughts are the same (Bookwormphil) but make no mistake he is coming for all and to judge all.

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