the Smartwatch or the Vacuum, which do I trust?

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so I got a new vacuum cleaner,

a “handy dandy convertible portable I will clean you toilet for you”  vacuum cleaner.

There are fifteen stairs going up from where I am right now in the great-room to the upstairs. On the left hand side of the staircase there is a rail for the chair-lift. Someone asked me if I was going to leave it there since both of my parents are gone… heck YES I said, I might need it! 

Sometimes I use it because I have been on my feet so long that I am just plain tired (another word for lazy) so the reason I was telling you about the stairs is that I took my new (all the above description) and cleaned those stairs. Now I worked hard, seriously, and then I went to my bedroom and was using it in there, cleaning baseboards, vacuuming dog hair etc. (remember I said I was working hard?) so I looked at my smart watch (not feeling it is so smart right this minute) and it said I had only exercised for THREE minutes WHAT??????

Working, pushing, carrying that machine up the stairs (I could have opted to take it on the elevator but chose NOT to do that so I could rack up some brownie points on my SMARTWATCH) and worked for over an hour! I wanted to take it off and throw it against the wall, it did tell me that I had burned a measly 171 calories! 

I think I will rest and see if that new machine can work on its on! Maybe I should tie my watch on the handle!

7 Replies to “the Smartwatch or the Vacuum, which do I trust?”

  1. When our kids were young, we had a Wii game set. They liked to play the games and when our oldest was in high school she decided to get one of the dance exercise games. She challenged her sister to the game (it kept score based on motion). She danced and hopped and jumped and all things moved but her sister just stood still moving only her arm that held the controller. Well, moving her arm was all it took to score points and win. “Smart” is relative. 🙂

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  2. I know the feeling. I wore my smart watch for 6 or 7 years. When it broke I decided I pretty well knew I wasn’t walking 5 miles any more. I’m probably lucky if I walk 2. I don’t really want to know. Lol Aren’t there any perks to getting old?

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    1. I’m wondering the same. Daddy told me, not long before he died, the golden years aren’t as golden as they say 😂


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